Monday, October 29, 2007

Ward Halloween Party

Our annual ward party took place this past friday evening at the park. Hunter decided to dress up at the last minute as a pirate. He refused to wear the eye patch, or the earing. He wanted a hat but I didn't have one. I told him weeks ago if he wanted to be a pirate we'd get him a hat but he chose 3 other costumes and said he was not going to be a pirate this year so why waste money on hat. Of course he chose to be a pirate this weekend. Oh well...

Maddie was a fairy She wore her birthday dress up skirt that her Grandma Christensen made for her over the summer with a pair of wings. We bought pink hairspray, glitter hairspray and glittery makeup that came with stickers. She looked so cute. Her hair was definitely pink but the glittery hairspray was a disapointment . It was very hard to see any glitter. She was happy though with all those stickers and sparkles all over her face. She was given a ribbon for the best costume (along with who knows how many children). She was so proud of her costume and kept telling her big brother that her costume was the BEST!!! Emily wasn't an M&M that night. I guess we can say she went Patriotic.
Maddie didn't want to take her wings off but she wanted to swing in the baby swings. The desire to swing won.
Hunter was so excited to eat next to his friend Christian.
Maddie wanted to eat on the grass with her little friends and of course Emily followed.
Look at that smile. It is the cutest. She looks like she is posing.


The Schultz Family said...

Maddie's costume is so cute. She looks great! Emily is getting so big and becoming just as pretty as her big sister.

Camille said...

Wow, you pulled some last minute costumes together really good. Maddies skirt looks great for a fairy and Hunter does look like a pirate with or without the hat. And lil' miss Emily- she is so darling. I love the picture of her posind she has the cheesiest lil' smile! So cute!