Thursday, November 01, 2007

Preschool Halloween Party

I ran to the grocery store monday night and while buying groceries I came upon this hat and hook for Hunter. The hook was $.88 and the hat was already 50%off making it $3.00. I figured what the heck and bought it for him.
His excitement tuesday morning was comical when I showed him what I had bought to go along with his costume. So needless to say Hunter was a pirate for his party.

Maddie was a ghost. She was so cute. She wanted to wear this costume to the park party but I talked her out of it. I figured it would be too cold and too white for the park.

So off to the party they went. I took picts. of the party but blogger won't let me post them for some reason this morning. So maybe later I'll get them to work.


Camille said...

cute! I need to do that- buy lots of cotumes at a clearence. Great idea, I'm sure they love having more than one to wear specially when they have so many occassions they've gone too this year. Glad you guys had fun!!