Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Super Kids!

Kory and I were working on the laptop saturday night trying to get everything entered and cought up. I had to have everything done that night becuase Kory left for Safford monday and will be gone almost the whole week. It was past 8:00pm (bedtime) and I was getting frusturated with all the noise and commotion going on around me. I turned around to tell my children to get in their pajamas for the 50th time so I could put them to bed, and this is what I discovered.

Super Kids dah dah dah...
I decided my brain needed a little a break and maybe my children did to. So I parked my behind on the chair in our front room and started snapping (with camera) away.
Will these one day become black mail pictures????

Maddie didn't realized I was taking picts. until after these were taken. Her eyes were closed and she was concentrating so hard. She said she was pretending to fly to Grandma's house.
After Hunter was sent to get his pj's on for the 50th time that night apparently Maddie thought our skeleton friend needed to play too.


Camille C. said...

I think Hunter's future girlfriends or wife will sure get a kick out of those!! They are so cute- their lil' imaginations!