Saturday, November 17, 2007

Playing together...

The weather has just been great the past couple of days. Despite being a little cool the kids and I have been spending many hours outside playing. Yesterday while Emily was napping I thought I should take some pictures of the kids playing so well together. This picture depicts them playing red light/green light. Our little made up driveway that we are currently using is very sloped. The kids love dragging their bikes to the top and allowing gravity to help push them down. They do this for hours. For a while they were both on the same bike. My camera isn't fast enough to catch them in a fast motion. I did try but all I got was very fuzzy photos.

For the most part these two are best friends. It was so good to capture their friendship in these pictures.
This was my favorite. I'm so glad they really do play well together. I don't know what Madelyn's going to do next year when Hunter goes to kindergarten.


Camille C. said...

I know what she'll do- She'll play PRINCESS and girly things with Emily! :)
I have to admit I felt sorry for you when you got pregnant with Maddie so SOON- I thought it was going to be too much. Now I am jealous that Hunter has a friend his age. Carlaya would love a playmate like that. I love how close they are and how well they play. TOO MUCH FUN! (like twins)