Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

Yeah!!! It's finally here! Tonight is halloween.

For dinner we had chicken strips with homemade bat-fry's and ketchup

I also had a pitcher of water with a frozen green hand floating in it. The kids loved it. Hunter wanted a picture of it but the ice melted too quickly and I never got a good picture.

What will everyone be??????

Emily was her m&m.

Maddie was a carebear. A friend called about her neighbor having a garage sale last saturday. This neighbor was selling the costume for $2.00. Knowing how warm it would keep her I took it. It fit her very snugly. It will be too small for her for next year.

Hunter 10 minutes before we walked out the door changed his mind from being a ninja turtle to The Rock off of Fantastic 4. I bought his costume at Wal Mart when I was pregnant with Emily on their clearance rack for $1.00. Hunter usually wears this costume when Maddie puts on her dress up dresses. He's changed his mind so much lately I wasn't too surprised he would choose a costume he's been wearing at least once a week for over a year now.

Of all Halloween Nights I believe this was our warmest. Kory walked around the church in a short sleeve shirt. The baby and I had a long sleeve shirt on with our m&m costumes on. No one got too cold. The wind wasn't blowing, it was realitively warm what a great night for trunk or treating.

We came hope with 2 bags of candy. The kids were in heaven. When the bags were dumped on the floor Emily was right there with them.

Emily quickly found her favorite candy. M&M's and a roll of smarties.

I have had several comments on all my childrens different costumes that they have worn this year. I thought I'd better clarify. I was in Vegas visiting my parents 3 years ago after Halloween. Maddie was just 4 months old. While there I went to the local grocery store and found many costumes 75-90%off. That is when I bought the witch costume, and the ghost costume that Maddie has worn this year. I also bought a vampire costume, and Hunter's pirate costume at that time. I don't remember how much each costume was but I remember thinking I had just bought 4 costumes for under $5 that my kids would eventually grow into.

Like my mom did growing up I have a big box full of halloween costumes. Most of these costumes I have been given or bought for just a few dollars. So like the past couple of years I pulled the box out and let the kids pick something out for this year. I did buy a few accessories to go with the costumes this year. But hey they'll have them all for next year and I won't have to buy any then.


Camille C. said...

cute- you have your table all dec'd out!! Looks like halloween is so super fun at your house!! Cute idea for dinner too! And the kids look adorable...