Monday, September 17, 2012


A few weeks ago I was approached with what I think is kind of a cool opportunity that I have signed up for.  This coming January I am going to take some EMT classes that the Kanab hospital is offering. All my training and certification will be free if I sign up to run on the ambulances for one year. In our area everone that is certified is considered a volunteer. They get paid for the runs they make but we're not sitting in a buiding or in the ambulance waiting around. We aren't "scheduled" to work at specific times but will all take turns being "on call". At the moment there are only 5 EMT's in town all of whom work full time jobs elsewhere. The summer and fall seems to be the busiest time as they are in charge of all the valley and Cedar Mnt. 

Knowing that I will be busy next semester with a different kind of schooling I doubled up on my normal classes for this semester. BIG mistake. I have most definetly over done it. I can't seem to keep up on anything! I am going to school full time, being a mom is a full time job along with working 2 part time jobs. I just can't do it all.  I use to be able to plan my month/week and now I feel like I have to take each day one at a time. Everything is falling behind, my laundry, dishes, housework and blogging.
Here's just a few pictures of randomness that has taken place in the month since I last posted. I am on the countdown 4 weeks of school down just 11 more weeks to go. I keep telling myself that I can do this but... I will never do it again!

Kylie hit her 3 month mark. 
She smiles all the time, sleeps through the night and is starting to giggle when tickled.

Aunt Sheri loaned us her bumbo which this little girl loves. She likes to sit in the middle of our island and just watch the chaos going on around her!
 This mom needs recess too. It's starting to get quite chipper in the mornings so I 've had to pull out some of our winter accessories. Brayden and I went outside and spent some time together. This is him saying,"not another picture"! 
 During our recess we kicked balls, played on the slides and swings and just chased each other around. We had a good time just he and I.
 One morning last week Brayden came running to me saying we had a chicken in the house. I thought he was being funny and just laughed it off. Some time later I heard that dang chicken. Someone had left the very back door out in our hallway open and one of our roaming chickens decided to roam right inside.
 We planted a garden this past spring and have enjoyed the vegetables that we got. This past month we have had 2 horrible hail storms. The hail has been so big that the siding on houses have been broken, green houses that have shatter proof glass has shattered and windshields have been broken. It's been crazy! After the last hail storm this is what our vegetables in the garden looked like. Those are zuccini and a watermelon that was NOT ready.  Needless to say our garden is done for.
 We lost lots including most of the fruit on the local trees. Before the hail storm I was able to put up cucumbers, beans, peas, corn and tomatos. I'm glad I harvested what I did before the hail could get to it. This past week I spent a few days canning pears and peaches that we bought from up north. I'm tired of all the canning and can't wait to be done. 

Labor Day

I took the kids out of school the friday of Labor Day weekend for a very much anticipated event in our lives. Miss Emily got her cast off after having one on for 12 weeks and 3 days!
Wooo Hooo!
I think was more excited than anyone else.
Last year Kory ended up working on Labor Day. Up until almost the very last minute we were under the impression that he would have to work that day again this year. So our plans were a bit last minute but we had fun all the same. Early that afternoon we met my family at Duck Creek on Cedar Mnt. for a picnic lunch. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day.

 Lots of tree's to climb.

 Ginormous branches to move around.
 Hunter caught a horny toad that eventually escaped and ran into the water for hiding. Aunt Hanna was trying to help him get it out of the water but was never able to find it. It was a great afternoon spent. My parents, Christina w/Elena and GG & GGpa were all able to make it.

Later that day we met up with 2 of Kory's siblings at the pond for a dutch oven cook out.

 Here's Maddie and Ruth fishing
 Hunter and his cousins shooting at pop can's
 Miss Emily fell into the pond's bank and got a little muddy. This girl does NOT like getting her hands dirty. Cousin Emma was trying to show her how rubbing a chunk of dry dirt will get the mud off.

Labor Day ended up being a great day spent with family and yummy food!