Monday, September 17, 2012

Labor Day

I took the kids out of school the friday of Labor Day weekend for a very much anticipated event in our lives. Miss Emily got her cast off after having one on for 12 weeks and 3 days!
Wooo Hooo!
I think was more excited than anyone else.
Last year Kory ended up working on Labor Day. Up until almost the very last minute we were under the impression that he would have to work that day again this year. So our plans were a bit last minute but we had fun all the same. Early that afternoon we met my family at Duck Creek on Cedar Mnt. for a picnic lunch. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day.

 Lots of tree's to climb.

 Ginormous branches to move around.
 Hunter caught a horny toad that eventually escaped and ran into the water for hiding. Aunt Hanna was trying to help him get it out of the water but was never able to find it. It was a great afternoon spent. My parents, Christina w/Elena and GG & GGpa were all able to make it.

Later that day we met up with 2 of Kory's siblings at the pond for a dutch oven cook out.

 Here's Maddie and Ruth fishing
 Hunter and his cousins shooting at pop can's
 Miss Emily fell into the pond's bank and got a little muddy. This girl does NOT like getting her hands dirty. Cousin Emma was trying to show her how rubbing a chunk of dry dirt will get the mud off.

Labor Day ended up being a great day spent with family and yummy food!