Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 School Year

It's that time of year again....
It's Back to School!
My kiddo's started this past monday.
Staying with tradition all the "going to school" kids were given a special blessing from dad sunday night. After the blessings were done the much anticipated gifts were opened. This was a tradition that was done in my family growing up and I've continued it with my kids. It's always fun to start the school year off with a new outfit. Brayden felt pretty special that he was included too. I had every intention of teaching preschool again this year and so included him in my "school shopping". After discovering that I only had 3 kids preschool age this year in town I opted out. I spend a lot of time and money preparing for preschool and to me it just wasn't worth it for 3 kids. Next year I will have more and so will do it then.
 Over the past few weeks I couldn't help but notice all the back to school ideas floating around pinterest. I saw this idea a while ago and fell in love. I remember as a child wanting to be a baby nurse, a mom, a dentist, a hygienist, a sign language interpreter and I'm sure there were many more. I know my kids will want to be different things too during there childhood. I love that I will be able to capture it this way.

Miss Emily started kindergarten this year. You would think it would get easier as each child leaves the nest and starts to attend school. As the bus pulled away that morning I allowed myself to shed a tear or two. I miss her. Emily was so excited for school to start. We put the kids to bed at 8 the night before and at 10 pm Madelyn came down to complain that Emily wouldn't stop talking about SCHOOL! Then she was up the next morning at 5 getting ready. The bus picks the kids up a little after 7 each morning. She needs to get up fairly early but 5 was a little much.

Miss Emily loves the outdoors. She loves to ride horses and spend time around the farm animals. She absolutely loved the County Fair this past weekend. She loved walking around seeing all the different animals. It wasn't suprising to hear her say she wanted to be a Cow Girl when she grows up.

Here's Miss Emily in her 1st day of school outfit. This girls loves, loves, loves dresses. I knew getting her a new dress for the school year would help make her day. I purposely got her a long one instead of a skirt so that she could sit modestly on the floor during class. I hope it worked.
New dress, new shoe but same ugly red cast. Just 8 more days to go with the cast, I hope!

My 3rd grader this year.
(This girl suffers from allergies so badly. Being at the fair and around all those animals all weekend did not help! Her eyes are so puffy!)

It was no suprise to hear Miss Madelyn wanting to be a baker. This girl loves to be in the kitchen with me. She likes to help me cook but her love is baking. She's getting better and better about following recepies. Right now she can make chocolate chip cookies all by herself and they turn out great! She learned how to make banana bread at Grandma's a few weeks ago and has made it several times at home for us. For the fair she wanted to make banana bread to submit but we didn't have any banana's. We did have zuccini from the garden. So with a little help she made that. She thinks she likes zuccini bread better than banana bread now.   
 Madelyn loves dresses too. I hesitate to let her wear them to school because she is so active. She loves playing soccer, basketball, playing on the monkey bars, etc. Those kind of activites just aren't dress appropriate. As I started to school shop I found Emily's dress 1st. When I saw this dress in Madelyn's size I decided to get it. So glad I did. She was beyond thrilled. The dress was made even better knowing it was identical to little sister's just different colors.

We've got a 4th grader!
 (Hunter was embarrased that mom made him hold the sign. Mom's embarrased that she mis-spelled the word millionaire. Oops! Maybe it's a good thing I'm going back to school too! )

Hunter loves money. He lives for money. He's always asking how he can earn money or what can he sell for money? One afternoon Kory's boss came over to chit chat. In the conversation he mentioned that he had something "pattened" and was paid a couple million dollar's. Since then Hunter has wanted to know how he could become a multi-millionaire. This kid will do anything for money. Hunter has this habit of teasing and annoying his sister's. What boy doesn't do this right? Anyway's we've started having him pay his sister's a $1 for every time they have to ask him to stop more than once. It's working. He hates having to give his money away. Money defenitely motivates him right now!

 Hunter's a very smart boy. He excells is school. When he puts his mind to something he follows through and does it well. It wouldn't be suprising to me at all if one day he is a Multi-Millionaire.

Big Boy, Brayden
Brayden was quite excited for school to start too. He came down dressed that morning and helped pack everyone's lunch. He NEEDED a lunch too so he packed one for himself. He kept saying he was going to school with Hunter. When I told him he was going to stay home with mom he said, "yep, I don't have shoes on". He then went back inside. While he was gone the bus came and picked the kids up. Brayden came out the door just in time to see the bus pull away. Oh my did he have a melt down. He kept asking me to take him to school. In his little mind because he was dressed, had his shoes on and a lunch he was going to school too.

On tuesday our 2nd day of school the kids were gone before Brayden was awake. He soon came down the stairs and asked where Hunter was. I told him that he and the girls had gone to school already. He plopped himself on stair, put his chin in his hand and said, "I'm so mad at Hunter. He left me AGAIN!"
It was the funniest thing. Wish I had it on video tape!


Sheri said...

Cute! Let's just hope Brayden's love of school hangs around .

Camille said...

cute post, so sad for poor brayden though. hard to be the youngest!