Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kylie's Blessing Dress

I was glancing through my blog and realized I hadn't posted some of the pictures I took of Kylie in her blessing gown. Oops! I know when I eventually print my blog into a book I would miss these photos terribly.  So even though it's been over a month now I'm going to go ahead and post them.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kylie even though it's a bit blurry. Quite often this little girl is sticking her tongue out and one of her hands is pulling whatever she can grab into her mouth. I don't know whether to say she's discovered her hands or her mouth.... or maybe it's both!

I went to Hurricane for a few days after Kylie was born to spend some time with my parents. I took everything I needed to make this beautiful dress with me. I had every intention of making it myself.  However while I was there my sister's babysitter quit on her and my mom and I ended up watching her little kiddo's. Her baby Miss B. was not a happy camper that week. She was suffering from an ear infection and she was letting everyone know of her discomfort. Needless to say it just ended up being a little easier with me walking around doing the baby jiggle with Miss B. while my mom sat in front of the sewing machine. In the end I'm glad she had an opportunity to make the dress. All of my other children's blessing outfits were made by there Grandma Heaton. Being Kylie is named after my mom's mom it's fitting that my mom was able to make this special dress. And in the end all of these special outfits were made by a grandma.
 I love long blessing dresses. Like my other two daughter's dresses I wanted this one to be similar in that way. I love the way it turned out. I wanted it simple with a cascade of flowers on the side and that's what I got. I love it!
 During our little photo shoot I couldn't help but to snap a few photo's of her tiny, petite, little features. I made her blessing bracelet on a whim the night before. With what I had to work with I'm happy with the way it turned out. Simple, elegant, white and prettty!
 I love baby toes!


I must have worn her out! She crashed during our photo shoot. She is such a beautiful baby. I just want to eat her up!

(While posting this post, Hunter came up and was watching what I was doing over my shoulder. He started laughing and said, "look mom isn't she saying I love you in sign language"? I guess she is. How funny that I hadn't noticed. I've only looked at this picture a bazillion times.)


Mommy of Many Hats said...

What a beautiful dress! I can't wait to start shopping for blessing dresses once our newest addition is officially ours through adoption!

Janet said...

Such a beautiful baby and dress!

J Heaton said...

Tina, I hadn't seen any pix of your baby, so I finally took a minute to check out your blog. How sweet little Kylie is.
I was glad to catch up on all your Alton adventures, too.
You are a great writer--full of detail and fun. Keep up the good work.
Love, Mom H