Monday, August 06, 2012

Another mishap...

I've decided I am ready for summer to end! It seems we have had one mishap right after the other and quite frankly I'm done and exhausted! I feel I'm walking on tippy toes just waiting to see what life throws at us next! I feel like I'm always contemplating if we do this what might possibly happen?

Saturday afternoon Kory's brother, Kirk, showed up at our house. He and Kory were outside when Emily, Madelyn, cousin Sara and Brayden asked if they could take turns riding the quad. As long as an adult is outside supervising we don't have a problem with this. Madelyn started by driving one of the kids up and down the street one at a time. Earlier that day Kory had been working at the shop, now having company he decided to run back over and shut things down, lock the door, etc. and then he wouldn't have to go back out that night. Madelyn asked if she could follow him on the quad, Kory said he didn't have a problem with that and so Kory and Kirk drove away. No one realized that everyone wanted to go so all 4 kids piled up on the quad and Madelyn drove away. By the time the kids got to the shop Kory and Kirk were already inside. Emily was sitting in the back and asked if she could just steer the quad around while they were waiting for dad to come back out. Madelyn didn't see why not so while Madelyn pushed on the pedal Emily steered.  Apparently no one was ready and no one was hanging on. Emily turned the wheel a little to quick and both Sara and Brayden fell off.

 Instead of going inside the shop where Dad was Maddie quickly drove everyone home to mom. I was on the phone when I heard Brayden screaming outside. When the door opened I immediately got off the phone and I was a bit panicky. If only I had a picture of what I saw. Madelyn was in tears, had blood all over the side of her face and in her hair, when she turned around she also had blood on the back of her shirt. Brayden had blood all over the side of his face and his collar was soaked through. Emily was in tears and so was Sara. I immediately picked my phone back up and called Kory. When he answered all I said was, "I NEED you home NOW!" and hung up. Unbeknownst to me he was already pulling up outside. He had heard the screaming from outside his shop but when he went to check on them they had already left. Being he was done locking up he figured he'd better follow to see what was going on.

Madelyn was not hurt nor was Emily and Sara. Sara's arm was a little scratched but it was already scratched up by her cat so it was hard to tell how scratched up she really got!  Madelyn got blood all over herself by trying to carry Brayden inside. Brayden was definetly the one that got hurt. We were talking that maybe he would need stitches but the blood clotted almost immediately and it quit seeping.    
When I washed Brayden down the best I could and was sitting on the couch Kory noticed the camera by my side. He was teasing me that I had to take a picture first before taking care of my kiddo's. I was a bit offended! The camera just happened to be out and I just happened to be sitting by it without realizing it! So what does he do? Picks up the camera and starts taking pictures. He says now I have something to blog about!

Later that night Kory and I were talking about all of our recent trials that have been thrown our way. He said, "Can you imagine what life would throw at us if we weren't praying for safety?" I'll admit my 1st thought was I don't think that part of our prayer is being heard but the more and more I think about it we have been blessed. In the past few weeks we have had one mishap right after another. It seems as if we are being picked on at times but all of our mishaps could have been worse! We still have each other and we are all still breathing. In our area we have had several sudden deaths. We've had a young dad, a new husband, a grandma and 2 infants pass away. We are hearing of more and more divorces! We all have our own trials and we all handle them in different ways. These past few weeks I have been stressed, I've not liked or appreciated my trials. But I will gladly accept these trials as others in our area are going through much worse right now.


Mommy of Many Hats said...

So glad the little one is okay. What a great positive attitude to have, even when so stressed.