Thursday, August 09, 2012

Kylie's 2 months old

Miss Kylie B., as the kids have started calling her, turned 2 months old last sunday!

 She's changing!
She's staying more alert everyday.
She's smiling a lot but it's been very DIFICULT to catch it on camera.
In the mornings, her happiest part of the day, she coo's and talks to me.
I love it!
 She's loosing that newborn look and looking more and more each day like a regular baby!
Not being a newborn anymore does have it's up side. Like....sleeping most nights from 10pm-4am.
That's 6 HOURS of uninterupted sleep .
Love it! 
 Even though she's looking more like a regular baby she's MY  baby! And I love her to pieces!
I love this picture just because it shows how tiny her little feet our being able to slip through the holes of the baskett.

Miss Kylie B. has discovered her hands! They are always close to her mouth whether they are by themselves or pulling something up to her mouth like her shirt or the #2 month sticker.
Quite frankly anything she can grab onto goes straight to her mouth!

 I love, love, love the newborn stage.
I love the snuggling into my shoulder, the sleeping on my chest, that newborn smell, the way their little bodies stay curled up in a ball, the tiny moans and groans and the soft whimpers they make even the newborn cry.  That newborn cry is unmistakable! Any mom can be out shopping and recognize that New Born cry. We don't even have to see the baby, just hear that cry and we think, "Ohhhhh that must be a newborn". Miss Kylie B's cry is changing! It's loosing that newborn sound. Can I cry?
I do believe she was done having her picture taken!

Kylie had her 2 month checkup last week.

She has grown from
7 lbs 6 oz. and 19 inches long at birth
10 lbs. 12 oz. and 22 inches long.