Monday, August 06, 2012

Kylie's Shoulder

This past wed morning I was sitting on the couch nursing Miss Klyie B. When she was done I started to burp her. Emily realizing what I was doing came to me and asked if she could burp her for me? Emily loves to burp Kylie. It is something she has done numerous times and is always asking if she can do it. So as in the past I transfered the burp cloth to her shoulder and gave her the baby. After a while Kylie was getting a little squirmy and Emily asked if she could put her down on the couch between her and I, again this is something that's been done on numerous occasion's. Madelyn was standing beside me asking me a question. I turned my head and stated talking to her when out of the blue Kylie started SCREAMING! One second she was quiet and content and the next SCREAMING. There was no whimper, no fussing just all of a sudden SCREAMING. When I picked her up off the couch I immediately noticed that her right arm was just dangling. When I picked her arm up and let go it just fell, she wouldn't grasp my finger and wouldn't move her arm at all. Somehow her little arm got behind her body and when Emily placed her on the couch her shoulder became dislocated.

Knowing this was not something I could fix myself  I dropped my bigger kids off at Kory's sister's house and just the baby and I drove the 20 minutes to the little Urgent Care in Orderville where there is a Nurse Practioner and one Nurse. The Nurse Practioner confirmed my thoughts of her shoulder being dislocated. I had to hold Kylie in a sitting position and than she worked on her little shoulder trying to get it back in place. She thought she had it in but Kylie was still not using her arm so we took an x-ray. The x-ray showed it was still dislocated. So again I got to hold Kylie while her shoulder was being worked on. Of course she is SCREAMING the whole time. It's got to hurt! By the time the Nurse Practioner thought she was done I was in tears too! I HATE seeing one of my children being in pain and being able to do anything about it. A second x-ray was taken and hip hip hooray her shoulder was were it was suppose to be.  We were sent home with her shoulder wrapped up. It can take 4-6 weeks for her shoulder to completely heal. We were told to keep her arm wrapped up on and off during the day. She needs to move it to build up the muscle but she can also over do it and make shoulder very sore. Keeping the wrap on also keeps it in place when she is being held by others or being moved around a lot. 

It's been 5 days now since our little mishap and Kylie is doing very good. I kept her wrap on her off and on like I was told the 1st 3 days. Since then when I put it on she wiggles and squirms, moans and groans until she's worked her little arm out of the wrap. I CAN'T keep her arm immobilized anymore. She just won't keep it still like she did those 1st few days. To me this means her arm's feeling good enough that she wants to move it. She doesn't want it immobilized. She doesn't act like it bother's her at all. Becuase I can't keep it wrapped up I'm being a little over protective I know! I'll allow my kids to hold her when I'm in a bind and need some help when Dad's not around but my kids do NOT pick her up. They do NOT put her down. I will NOT allow any other children to hold her either! I even have a little anxiety when Daddy or other adults are holding her. It was so so hard to see how much pain my little one was in and then to have to hold her while her shoulder was being put back in.  I think it about did me in. I do NOT want to repeat that experience ever!!! For the most part I don't want anyone else to hold her except this mama who is extremely careful with the way I pick her up, hold her and put her down!


Mommy of Many Hats said...

Poor baby girl and poor Mommy! I empathize with your struggles keeping her arm wrapped. We have a baby who's supposed to wear an eye patch for two hours a day. For the first couple of days she did okay, but after that she ripped that thing off faster than it took me to put it on. All we can do is our best right?