Tuesday, August 21, 2012

County Fair Ribbon's

As mentioned this past weekend was our county fair. During the previous week we started gathering all the fun stuff the kids made this summer that they wanted to submit to the Children's Fair. Each object/project submitted would be given a white ribbon. At the end of the fair all those white ribbon's were worth a dollar. If your project was a little more unique or better than average you could earn a blue ribbon worth $3, a red ribbon worth $2, a sweepstakes purple ribbon was worth $5 and trophy was worth $15.

Despite Hunter's deer caught in headlights look he was quite thrilled to discover that his pine wood derby car won sweepstakes. Woohoo!!

 He was a bit disapointed with only getting a white ribbon on his duct tape wallet. Can you tell he didn't want a picture taken?? I thought his wallet turned out good. No one else had submitted anything made from duct tape. I really thought he would have been given more than just a white ribbon for this creative idea. I'm not sure how the judging went it certainly didn't make any since to me. Numerous young boys submitted their pinewood derby's and I thought he would have recieved a white ribbon for it with as many as were submitted. But... somehow he won sweepstakes.
 Hunter also submitted a saddle bag that he sewed out of canvas (I missed taking a pict.). He made this bag in a 4-H sewing class. Despite the fact that there were 6 identical saddle bags submitted (all made at the same sewing class) his was chosen to submit to the State Fair. Go Hunter!!!! Hunter also submitted a rope he tied together at scout's one night. He recieved a red ribbon for it but refused to allow mom to take any more pictures of him. The day before the entries were to be submitted Hunter decided to make no bake cookies. Another red ribbon for Hunter. After adding all the ribbons up he earned $11 for his 5 submissions. Needles to say he was quite pleased.
 Miss Madelyn did a good job for this being our 1st year too. She made a pillowcase dress at a 4-H sewing class. She not only earned a blue ribbon for the dress but it was also chosen to be submitted to the State Fair too!
 Madelyn's recycled Kool-Aid bag was given a blue ribbon. 
 Another blue ribbon for her zucchini bread.
A blue ribbon for her bracelet she made. She spelled out spring on the bracelet.
Madelyn earned $12.
 Miss Emily submitted her favorite, chocolate chip cookies. Red ribbon for her!
 One day her and I sat down and made something useful for our family. We made another hot/cold pack. She picked out the fabric, cut the fabric, pinned and pinned and pinned the fabric (I think this was the part she liked the best.). Then with her sitting on my lap she sewed it together. She struggled a bit once the bag was filled with rice and she needed to sew the opening but she did it. It turned out so great that the little bag not only got a blue ribbon but is also being submitted to the State Fair.
 Emily also submitted her bracelet that she made that spells out her name. One red ribbon for her.
That's $7 for her. 
 Brayden is only 3 and quite frankly I really struggled with coming up with a unique/different project that he could do by himself. After racking my brain and searching online I decided we'd make an airplane out of popsicle sticks. He painted all the sticks by himself, he chose the orange paint. Once the paint was dry he helped squirt out the hot glue and he placed the sticks with very minimal amount of help from mom. Red ribbon for him.
 Being everyone else was submitting baked goods mom helped him make his very own batch of cookies. His FAVORITE candy is M&M's. Being I had some on hand I had him add those instead of chocolate chips. One more red ribbon for Brayden.
Brayden earned $4 for his 2 submision's.

 Together my kids earned $34. I think the best part is that my 4 oldest (the ones who understand) each had something that was chosen to be submitted to the State Fair. How cool is that???


Mommy of Many Hats said...

Congrats on all the ribbons and state fair submitted projects! You must be one proud Mommy!

Gmama Jane said...

I just adoreed reading about your precious children entering their projects in the fair. What a great idea! I wish I had done that back when my 3 children were little. I entered my first ever items in out local fair. I can't believe I waited this long to do it!! I won 3rd place for an heirloom robe made for me out of quilt scraps by my Great Grandmother in 1957! She would be so proud of her county fair ribbob just like your children. I am going to make it a priority to help all 5 of my Grandpeeps have something to enter into the fair next year! Thanks for the inspiration. I have NO IDEA how I found your blog but so glad I did. You'll have to visit me over at Grandmama's Stories www://
Gmama Jane