Thursday, January 22, 2009

We are still here...

It's been a few weeks since we've blogged but we are here and we are alive. My camera doesn't hold a charge anymore so I'm struggling taking picts. We just got back from Utah visiting Kory's family. Every year at this time the family and extended family gets together and cuts up meat. This was our first year attending this great event. It turned out to be a really awsome experience. In three days working from 8-5 with an 1 1/2 lunch break each day we cut up 18 steers/old cows. We cut up every type of beef meat you can think of hamburger, ribs, sirloin steak, rib steak, roast, etc. We were able to bring back several boxes of meat to fill our deep freeze. The days we weren't cutting up meat the kids were having a blast sledding down the hill in Aunt Harmony's back yard. After last years mishap I didn't dare try but the kids even Emily had a good time.

Before our 5 day journey to Utah we were finishing some projects around the house. Kory finished trimming the tree in our front yard and took all the trimmings to the dump. The tree looks great and our garden this year should do much better as it won't be in so much shade. We've been told the tree has never been trimmed before. There were branches so low that Hunter and Maddie could reach the lower branches. We had major mesquito issues this past year. I'm hoping that the ground will be able to dry quicker this year and the mesquito's won't stick around as long as they were able to this past year.

We also finished the inside of the shed. We hung shelves on 3 of the walls and put up hooks to hold shovels, rakes, hoses, etc. It looks good. Not having a garage the shed has been put to good use. My closest almost looks bare now that all the boxes of holiday decorations and baby paraphenelia are out of there. When it gets a little warmer we will stucko the outside and then the shed will be done. YEAH!!!

The kids now have a sand box. We found a place that gave us FREE sand we just had to haul it from Chino Valley to home. Kory built the box to hold all the sand and then 2 loads of sand filled it to the top. The kids have had so much fun having a sand box again. It turned out bigger then I thought 10x10. It's almost as big as the kids rooms. They have spent many hours out there the past few weeks enjoying there new space to play. Our backyard stays in the shade almost all day during the winter so all we have is a big mud puddle. I'm anxious for it to finally dry up and let the kids really have a great time out there. Next week I'm teaching preschool it'll be interesting to see all 7 kids out there.

Till next time...