Wednesday, January 31, 2007

30 Day Notice????

Tommorrow is the 1st. Rent is due. This afternoon I should be getting a phone call to say whether or not to give our 30 day notice.

The septic tank will be installed and done this coming Monday. The house should be set and the inside put together this coming week.

I'm still being told we will be closing in 2 weeks.

We are going to bring in several loads of dirt to the front of the house. We'll probably have 1 maybe 2 stairs to the front door but that should be it.

There were too many cars behind me so I didn't take a picture of the back of the house but it will need a lot more dirt than the front. Kory would like to build a deck out the back door.

We walked through the house a few weeks ago and weren't terrible impressed. We've decided to do a little remodeling. We are going to add a wall that will seperate the kitchen, dining room and family room. The kitchen currently has the same amount of cabinets I currently have (3 lower cabinets, 3 uppper cabinets with 2 more uppers that are smaller above the stove and refrigerator.) Adding this wall will allow us to turn the kitchen into a U shape. It's giving us another wall to put cabinets against along with a pantry that we other wise wouldn't have.

This Saturday Kory hopes to start building the wall. March 8, 2006 was when we sent our 10% down. It's hard to believe how fast this year has gone by and how long this process has taken. We have been given so many different dates that we would be able to move that we've lost the excitement over the past several months. However I am starting to get that excitement again. We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. So hopefully 4 weeks from this weekend we will be moving.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Emily 4 mo. check up.

She's 4 months old now. Emily had her check up yesterday and weighed in at 14 lbs 12 oz. She's definitely growing. She rarely lays still anymore but she does love to be held and coddled. She holds toys and puts them right in her mouth. She'll smile and talk to you when she's being talked to. She's eating baby food. When on her belly she can push herself up and lock her elbows. She's not my newborn baby anymore.

Silence !

Everyone loves a quiet house. Everyone loves quiet time (maybe not the kids but most moms do). However when it's 3:00 in the afternoon, and all you hear is silence you know it can't be good. You almost don't want to go find your kids because you know its not going to be good.

I started in the bathroom but no one was there. I looked in the kids bedroom but no one was there. I looked in the kids closet and found Hunter doing a puzzle but no Maddie.
I went on to my room and found her on top of my bathroom counter. Before I could say a thing she turned around and said, "look mom, I'm beautiful".

Christmas Dresses

These are the girls Christmas dresses. We were sick the Sunday before Christmas and didn't go to church. So they wore there matching dresses the following Sunday along with their matching bracelets (thankyou Aunt Camille). I got both of them ready for church without a problem. When we got home I helped Madelyn change. Her dress was a little tight and we struggled a little to get it off. Kory was changing Emily who cried the entire time. Kory said it was too tight, too small. It just didn't fit. Maddies dress is a 2T (she's 2 1/2) Emily's was a 3-6 mo. she had just turned 3 months.

So this past Sunday I put the dresses on again. They went on very easy but when it came time to change them we really struggled getting them off. It was such a hassle I'm glad the pictures were taken cause I don't think they will wear them again. It was too much of a headache.

We couldn't get a decent picture of the girls next to each other so Kory had Maddie lay down by Emily, giving us a funky picture of the two of them.

Emily was crying when she was sitting. She was crying when she was laying down. Standing up made her quit crying just for a minute. So this is the best picture we have of her in her 1st Christmas dress.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me !!!!

Has it really been 27 years?
Looking through my baby pictures I see many features that I see in my children. This baby picture of me reminds me alot of Emily when we first brought her home.

Kory is currently working out of town so it's just the kids and I to celebrate my 27th birthday. This morning I talked to my mom and a couple of friends who called to wish me a "Happy Birthday".

My children were playing so nicely together I pulled out the sewing machine and finished a few projects.

This afternoon we went to a friends house where we ate ice cream and birthday cake that she had made and just hung out for a few hours.

On our way home we were talking about what to fix for dinner. Both Hunter and Madelyn wanted chicken. Why is it I'm more then willing to fix a nice good filling dinner when Kory's around but when he's gone I don't feel like cooking or fixing anything other than peanut butter sandwiches, quesedillas and mac and cheese? I don't paticularly like any of these but I manage until he gets home. Hunter overheard me saying I didn't want to cook so he suggested we go to Panda Bear (Panda Express) his favorite. I personally don't like the place so we settled on KFC and we all got a piece of chicken.

When we got home our annoying buzzing doorbell was still ringing letting me know someone had come by and rung the doorbell. Expecting a few packages for the buisness I was quite surprised to find this from another friend sitting on our doorstep. To the kids utter delight they had 2 birthday cakes today.

So despite the bummer of having my husband out of town what did I get for my birthday ? A day of fun with friends, 2 birthday cakes,

a son who built his mom a castle,

a happy, peacful baby,

and a loving daughter that made me cake and ice cream.

So what can I say. The day is ending with 3 beautiful happy loving children, and a "Happy Birthday" phone call from my husband. Thank you all who helped make this a special day.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Emily 1st baby food.

Emily is almost sleeping through the night. She generally goes to bed about 9 and doesn't wake up until about 4. I nurse her and then she sleeps until 8/9. She's been doing this for several weeks now.

Probably 1 1/2 weeks ago she started waking up twice during the night. I could still handle this. However, it seems during the past week she's been waking up more and more. She's not cold, no messy diaper it seems she just wants to nurse for 30 sec. (no lie) and falls back to sleep. 2 nights ago she was up every 2 hours. Last night she did the same thing. Every 2 hours almost on the dot. I'm hoping her problem is that she is waking up hungry. So we are now trying baby food. This afternoon she had pears and ate the entire little tub that I bought. I thought since she's not use to eating foods these little tubs would last for at least 2 feedings. I thought wrong she scarfed it down. Tonight I fed her baby cereal. This girl loves to eat. She opens her mouth for the spoon and she's not to bad at swallowing. She was quite unhappy when the cereal ran out. It was amazing to see how much she ate for her first day of baby food.

At her 2 month check up Emily weighed in at a little over 13 lbs. The doctor joked around saying as fast as this girl is growing she may weigh 20 lbs. at her 4 month check up. This coming tuesday is her apt. She's definitely getting big. If she's going to continue to eat like she has today theres a good chance she will be weighing in at 20 lbs. very soon. Hopefully her now full tummy will help her sleep very well tonight. Wish us luck.

For our Grandma's

Hunter and Madelyn made these at the library last week. Since then they have been put on our refrigerator. Every couple days Hunter asks if we can put his snow man picture on the computer for Grandma to see. His 2 grandma's.

So this blog is just for you, our 2 grandma's.

Love Hunter and Madelyn.

A good deal.

We have a toddler bed that Madelyn is suppose to be sleeping in. However at least once a night she crawls into our bed and then we have to haul her back to her own bed. We have had too many night to count that we have taken her back to her own bed 6 times. Recently she started sleeping in the spare full size bed in her room. For about the past 3 weeks she hasn't come to our bed. So this is her new bed.

The bedding I've had on it was a pair of very light blue, very faded, thread bare sheets. Same sheets I used when living at home. I had a twin size navy blue comforter on top. I've needed new bedding for while now and have just used that money on other things that were more important. I want her bedding to match her Strawberry Shortcake themed room that she currently has and will continue too in our new house.So I went to Linens-n-things and found this awsome deal.

This is a picture of what she had.

The comforter was originally $119.99 I paid $29.99. The matching sheets was originally $49.99 and I paid $11.99.

While there I also looked at their bath stuff and bought a Finding Nemo shower curtain, originally $29.99 for $4.99 with matching hooks that were originally $9.99 for $2.99. I thought I did pretty well. When I got home I added it all up and new I did more than very well. What should have cost $209.96 only cost me $49.96. Giving me a $160.00 savings. Yeah!!

Her now "old" Strawberry Shortcake bedding that I made for her will be used in Emily's crib as soon as we move and set that up.

Madelyn's favorite color is pink so she is quite excited about her new bed. She thinks she is such a big kid now. Last night was her 1st night using her new bedding. She slept all night. Another Yeah!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

A Trip To Phoenix.

On Saturday we made a trip to Phoenix. The house we are buying doesn't have any appliances or flooring. We went to the Sears outlet mall and found our dishwasher. It was origanally $899.00 marked down to $415.00. It was returned for cosmetic damage. 2 small scratches on the side that won't be seen when installed in the little cubby dishwashers go in.

We were alloted an incredibly small amout for our flooring. So that we don't have thread bare carpet in 6 months we decided to use everything on the carpet. We will pay for the flooring in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and the dining room (they were going to put carpet in here, I think not. Who wants carpet under their kitchen table?). So we hit a few flooring stores and finally ended up at Flooring and Decor. This place is bigger then our Home Depot and it is full of Laminate flooring and Tile, etc.

So we ended up buying enough laminate for 700sq ft. and enough tile for about 200sq ft. Both was origanally $1.29-$1.89 a sq ft but both were marked down to $.99 sq ft. We hope we will like it when it's all installed next to each other and the carpet. I didn't think choosing our flooring would be as hard as it ended up being.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's here !!!

Hip hip hooray. It's finally here. I can't even begin to tell of our excitement. It's been a long 9 months trying to get this house on this lot but it's finally here.

The kids our so excited especially Hunter. Everytime we get in the car he asks to go see our new house. I'm glad he's excited for the big move.

The house hasn't been put together yet so we still haven't seen it all. When we heard about this house we went to look at it but it had already been seperated and secured. We were able to get in the back door but was only able to see half of the kitchen and family room. I saw it about 5 pm so it was dark and hard to see. Kory saw it the same night only much later and by flash light. We are quite anxious to get in and see what we have taken on. We still don't have a closing date but hopefully it won't be too much longer.

I am excited to have a real kitchen with cabinets that will hold our dishes. Cabinets that my pots can be put away without having to turn them on their side. A kitchen with out dishes sitting on top of the cabinets because there is no room inside the cupboards for them all. I'm excited to be able to move Emily into a bedroom other then my own. She is sleeping through the night and is ready to be moved from the bassinet to a crib. She and Madelyn will be sharing a room. Hunter will have his own. Kory and I will have our own. Our business will also have it's own. I'm quite excited to move the computer, filing drawers, house plans and other stuff that belongs to the business out of my bedroom and family room. Somewhere that I don't have to see it everyday all day. I hope to post a picture real soon of moving boxes and a closing date.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It's Santa Clause. This is what Emily wore on Christmas Day. When I first put Emily in the outfit, Hunter was the first to see her. He kept saying, "Emily is Santa Clause, I didn't know Emily was Santa." It didn't matter how many time we told him Emily wasn't Santa Clause that she just had an outfit like him (with a hat that didn't fit), he just didn't understand.

So this is our precious
Santa of 2006. The kids saw a picture of another baby inside a gift box so they insisted on taking a picture of Emily in a box. She wasn't too thrilled.