Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Christmas Dresses

These are the girls Christmas dresses. We were sick the Sunday before Christmas and didn't go to church. So they wore there matching dresses the following Sunday along with their matching bracelets (thankyou Aunt Camille). I got both of them ready for church without a problem. When we got home I helped Madelyn change. Her dress was a little tight and we struggled a little to get it off. Kory was changing Emily who cried the entire time. Kory said it was too tight, too small. It just didn't fit. Maddies dress is a 2T (she's 2 1/2) Emily's was a 3-6 mo. she had just turned 3 months.

So this past Sunday I put the dresses on again. They went on very easy but when it came time to change them we really struggled getting them off. It was such a hassle I'm glad the pictures were taken cause I don't think they will wear them again. It was too much of a headache.

We couldn't get a decent picture of the girls next to each other so Kory had Maddie lay down by Emily, giving us a funky picture of the two of them.

Emily was crying when she was sitting. She was crying when she was laying down. Standing up made her quit crying just for a minute. So this is the best picture we have of her in her 1st Christmas dress.


Jonathan & Camille Family said...

They look so cute, I never got to see them in their dresses. Then again we haven't really seen you guys too much at all. I think I have only seen Emily the once at Thanksgiving and then I only held her once just for a minute. Beause there was just too many people there to see her. I can't believe how big she is. And I've never really even held her!!!