Monday, January 08, 2007

A Trip To Phoenix.

On Saturday we made a trip to Phoenix. The house we are buying doesn't have any appliances or flooring. We went to the Sears outlet mall and found our dishwasher. It was origanally $899.00 marked down to $415.00. It was returned for cosmetic damage. 2 small scratches on the side that won't be seen when installed in the little cubby dishwashers go in.

We were alloted an incredibly small amout for our flooring. So that we don't have thread bare carpet in 6 months we decided to use everything on the carpet. We will pay for the flooring in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and the dining room (they were going to put carpet in here, I think not. Who wants carpet under their kitchen table?). So we hit a few flooring stores and finally ended up at Flooring and Decor. This place is bigger then our Home Depot and it is full of Laminate flooring and Tile, etc.

So we ended up buying enough laminate for 700sq ft. and enough tile for about 200sq ft. Both was origanally $1.29-$1.89 a sq ft but both were marked down to $.99 sq ft. We hope we will like it when it's all installed next to each other and the carpet. I didn't think choosing our flooring would be as hard as it ended up being.


Jonathan & Camille Family said...

Aren't you just having so much fun? You have got to be excited- it's really almost here!