Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A good deal.

We have a toddler bed that Madelyn is suppose to be sleeping in. However at least once a night she crawls into our bed and then we have to haul her back to her own bed. We have had too many night to count that we have taken her back to her own bed 6 times. Recently she started sleeping in the spare full size bed in her room. For about the past 3 weeks she hasn't come to our bed. So this is her new bed.

The bedding I've had on it was a pair of very light blue, very faded, thread bare sheets. Same sheets I used when living at home. I had a twin size navy blue comforter on top. I've needed new bedding for while now and have just used that money on other things that were more important. I want her bedding to match her Strawberry Shortcake themed room that she currently has and will continue too in our new house.So I went to Linens-n-things and found this awsome deal.

This is a picture of what she had.

The comforter was originally $119.99 I paid $29.99. The matching sheets was originally $49.99 and I paid $11.99.

While there I also looked at their bath stuff and bought a Finding Nemo shower curtain, originally $29.99 for $4.99 with matching hooks that were originally $9.99 for $2.99. I thought I did pretty well. When I got home I added it all up and new I did more than very well. What should have cost $209.96 only cost me $49.96. Giving me a $160.00 savings. Yeah!!

Her now "old" Strawberry Shortcake bedding that I made for her will be used in Emily's crib as soon as we move and set that up.

Madelyn's favorite color is pink so she is quite excited about her new bed. She thinks she is such a big kid now. Last night was her 1st night using her new bedding. She slept all night. Another Yeah!!


Jonathan & Camille Family said...

That is such a cute bedspread. Carlaya is sitting right here and when I showed her Maddie's new bed, she said, "COOL! I like that! I want a strawberry shortcake bed like Maddie!" but then went on to tell me about her Cinderalla bed she says she is getting very soon! LOL