Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Emily turns "2"

Monday was Emily's 2nd birthday. I can't believe my baby's "2". Where has all the time gone??? Emily didn't have an opinion for her birthday cake like Maddie did when she turned 2. So Hunter and Maddie both agreed on doing a Fairy cake. I think it turned out pretty cute.
It took her a minute to discover the blowing out candles. But she got it and when she did she wanted to do it again and again and again.
Once she discovered that there was something special under all that silly paper she was hooked.
One of her favorites was her very own cel phone. Thankyou $1 section of Wal Mart.
Every 2 year old needs a new baby. Can't leave out the dress up stuff. A purse, shoes and necklaces.

Emily loves books. This was another big hit.
When asked Emily says she's "1". I couldn't get her to hold up 2 fingers for her picts. just 1.
What's a "2"year old without attitude. I asked her to smile for me. She replied, fat chance, Mom.
Thankyou all who came and supported our little 2 year olds birthday party barbeque. She loves her gifts.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ebay here I come...

I had great sucess on my last batch of outfits that I listed on ebay. I recently cranked out some more and hopefully will sell these too. The above pict. is a 3T and the below a 4t. The only diference is I ran out of green fabric so I did a orange layer with the pants.
The above pict. I made in 2 different sizes. This one is my favorite. This is a friends little girl isn't she cute!!!
Emily is such a terrible child to get a good picture of. She really gives whom ever is photographing her a run for their money. These are the best photos of her in these 2 outfits.
The bottom layer on these pants are purple and black not blue. The spiders on the top have purple mouths. I think with 6 outfits I'm ready to try selling again.

Ebay here I come...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby #4

When we got pregnant with Hunter he was the 17th grandchild for the Heaton side and the 1st for my side. Kory and I made clues and sent them to each side of our families. Some of the clues were a wad of toilet paper, a picture of a bottle of Tums, a calender with a star on the due date, and the last was a set of baby keys. Some got it immediately and others it took a while. We had fun announcing my pregnancy to our families this way.

Hunter was 5mo. old when we realized I was pregnant with Maddie. We weren't too excited about another pregnancy so soon and were actually a little nervous to tell our families that our children would be 14 mo. apart if this 2nd child came around it's due date. If this 2nd child were to come 6 weeks early like Hunter they could be 12 1/2 months apart. Due to this concern we didn't do anything fun or cutsie to announce my 2nd pregnancy. Now looking back having 2 infants 14mo. apart wasn't that bad and it has been nice to have Hunter and Maddie so close together. I wouldn't do 14 mo. again but we did survive those first few years. Hunter and Maddie our the best of friends.

On our 3rd pregnancy when I was about 9 weeks I miss-caried the day of our 4th anniversary and then left the next day to Utah for Thanksgiving. We had only told our parents of the pregnancy. Kory has 8 siblings and we were the last to show up so by the time we had driven to Utah word had spread and everybody knew that we were pregnant. That was a different experience telling everybody that yes we were pregnant but not anymore. Needless to say when we got pregnant with Emily we waited till I was a little farther along and then told everyone we were pregnant.

Early last week we discovered that I am pregnant. Instead of telling everyone I posted a pregnancy widget on the top right of our blog to announce this pregnancy. I wanted to see how long it took for people to notice. I have one sister-in-law Camille who noticed (YEAH!!!) and that was it. We went to Hurricane, Utah this past weekend. When we arrived I had my little sister Hanna look up our blog and she discovered our little surprise. Hanna's 14 and is so excited about being a new Aunt again. She quickly spread the word as each sibling arrived to my parents house. My other sister Sheri got married a year ago August. Sunday before we left for home she announced that she too was pregnant. What a surprise to hear that we share the same due date; May 18, 2009. Everybody on my side of the family now knows that we are expecting. I have several family members on Kory's side that claim they check our blog regularly but so far we haven't heard anything so we'll see. I don't think I'm going to say anything. It may be fun showing up for Thanksgiving dinner being 14/15 weeks and wearing maternity clothes.

I wasn't sick with my other pregnancies and so far I still feel great. Hopefully this will continue. I forget I'm pregnant until someone asks how I am feeling. Our kids know that mommy has a baby in her tummy and they are all excited. Maddies all ready telling people it's a boy and his name is Brayden. I'm not to sure I like this name anymore. I guess time will tell...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dance Class

Maddie loves, loves and did I mention loves to dance. For several months now I have been trying to find her a dance class that we could afford. I finally found one. We pay $25 a month and she has class every wed. morning. I even found her leotard at Good Will for $4. Yesterday was her 1st day. I think she's just biting her lip in this pic. There were no tears.

Isn't it cute???
Maddie loved the dance class and is counting down the days till she can go again. I'm so glad we found her a class.
This is Amber she and Maddie are best friends.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Latest Project

After getting so many comments of Maddie's 1st day of school outfit. I thought I'd take the plunge and make some more to sell on ebay. After spending a few days browsing and watching ebay sales I decided I'd make some holidays outfits too.
Gobble...Gobble... Maddie absolutely loves posing for pictures. She is very photogenic. This was the last outfit she wore for picts and she was getting a little carried away with the head thing.
This outfit is a 24mo. and a friend let me borrow her daughter for this mini photo shoot.

This outfit and Maddies are identical just different sizes.

I had some left over lady bug fabric that I thought would be cute. This outfit was the 1st one I did when I started this little project. It was not my favorite. Seeing it on Maddie however I think it looks pretty good.

This is Maddie's favorite. She's hoping it doesn't sell so she can keep it.
Isn't she just to cute! Those are little ladybugs walking up the pants.

This is another Thanksgiving outfit. After looking at the photos we realized the rock she's leaning against is a little dark and you can't see the dark maroon fabric that is the lower layer underneath the striped fabric.

I haven't posted this outfit yet. I want to get another picture so you can see the pants more clearly along with the shirt. In every picture her arms were folded or the shirt was creased so you can't see the 3rd square very well.

This is my one and only halloween outfit for the time being. Emily is always a pain when it comes to taking pictures. She is so not photogenic like her sister. Maddie must have gotten all the photo genes from us and there were none left for little sis.
This outfit is also a 24mo. but as you can see is still a little big on her. She wasn't wearing shoes either at the time of these photos.
I do have another way way cute halloween outfit. The shirt is completely done, and one pant leg. One of my special feet to help me make pleats in the fabric broke. Leaving me with one pant leg needing to be done. Hopefully this weekend I can either get it fixed or repaired to finish my oh so close to being done best outfit yet.
All of these outfits come with matching bows and matching belts for those pants with belt loops.
Now you can see why it's been so long since I posted last. I recently bought some Christmas fabric. Can you believe it's out already??? I'm anxious to get started on them.