Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby #4

When we got pregnant with Hunter he was the 17th grandchild for the Heaton side and the 1st for my side. Kory and I made clues and sent them to each side of our families. Some of the clues were a wad of toilet paper, a picture of a bottle of Tums, a calender with a star on the due date, and the last was a set of baby keys. Some got it immediately and others it took a while. We had fun announcing my pregnancy to our families this way.

Hunter was 5mo. old when we realized I was pregnant with Maddie. We weren't too excited about another pregnancy so soon and were actually a little nervous to tell our families that our children would be 14 mo. apart if this 2nd child came around it's due date. If this 2nd child were to come 6 weeks early like Hunter they could be 12 1/2 months apart. Due to this concern we didn't do anything fun or cutsie to announce my 2nd pregnancy. Now looking back having 2 infants 14mo. apart wasn't that bad and it has been nice to have Hunter and Maddie so close together. I wouldn't do 14 mo. again but we did survive those first few years. Hunter and Maddie our the best of friends.

On our 3rd pregnancy when I was about 9 weeks I miss-caried the day of our 4th anniversary and then left the next day to Utah for Thanksgiving. We had only told our parents of the pregnancy. Kory has 8 siblings and we were the last to show up so by the time we had driven to Utah word had spread and everybody knew that we were pregnant. That was a different experience telling everybody that yes we were pregnant but not anymore. Needless to say when we got pregnant with Emily we waited till I was a little farther along and then told everyone we were pregnant.

Early last week we discovered that I am pregnant. Instead of telling everyone I posted a pregnancy widget on the top right of our blog to announce this pregnancy. I wanted to see how long it took for people to notice. I have one sister-in-law Camille who noticed (YEAH!!!) and that was it. We went to Hurricane, Utah this past weekend. When we arrived I had my little sister Hanna look up our blog and she discovered our little surprise. Hanna's 14 and is so excited about being a new Aunt again. She quickly spread the word as each sibling arrived to my parents house. My other sister Sheri got married a year ago August. Sunday before we left for home she announced that she too was pregnant. What a surprise to hear that we share the same due date; May 18, 2009. Everybody on my side of the family now knows that we are expecting. I have several family members on Kory's side that claim they check our blog regularly but so far we haven't heard anything so we'll see. I don't think I'm going to say anything. It may be fun showing up for Thanksgiving dinner being 14/15 weeks and wearing maternity clothes.

I wasn't sick with my other pregnancies and so far I still feel great. Hopefully this will continue. I forget I'm pregnant until someone asks how I am feeling. Our kids know that mommy has a baby in her tummy and they are all excited. Maddies all ready telling people it's a boy and his name is Brayden. I'm not to sure I like this name anymore. I guess time will tell...


Henlines said...

Congrats Tina!! I'm excited for you!

Camille said...

yes I notice right away. I don't think it is hard to miss at all. Without even scrolling down you see baby #4 right away! Who knows?

Anyway, NO we are not ready what-so-ever. I am still pretty positive that we are done. Jonathan is VERY positive! LOL
I still consider adopting, but our 2 kids are a HANDFUL lately and we just don't feel we are ready to take on fostering or adopting. MAYBE in the future. For now family of 4 fits just right!

Celeste said...

Congrats you guys! Hope you are feeling better!

Lisa said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! YEAHH! Congrats!! I almost freaked when I saw the baby widget!!!!!