Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dance Class

Maddie loves, loves and did I mention loves to dance. For several months now I have been trying to find her a dance class that we could afford. I finally found one. We pay $25 a month and she has class every wed. morning. I even found her leotard at Good Will for $4. Yesterday was her 1st day. I think she's just biting her lip in this pic. There were no tears.

Isn't it cute???
Maddie loved the dance class and is counting down the days till she can go again. I'm so glad we found her a class.
This is Amber she and Maddie are best friends.


Camille said...

super cute! I love little girls in Dance. I want to get Carlaya in one as well, but things are just too tight right now.
She took a 6 week ballet course last fall, but was so shy she would hardly participate. So we didn't even go for 2 of the weeks. I just can't afford to pay and then have her not go~!
Glad Maddie has fun! She is a doll

Lisa said...

I seriously can NOT believe how but your kids are getting! Maddie is already a heart breaker! ;)

lundgrenville said...

So darn cute! Kaylia is in tumbling/dance class this year. She absolutely loves it. I think its a girl thing. lol
Your kiddos are growing up all so fast.

Camille said...

UM!!!!! Do I see a little announcement on the side of your blog?!!! BABY #4!! Yipee! I am so excited for you!!
I'd call ya right now, but we're leaving for Utah in a short bit...Gotta run get packed!

Schultz Family said...

Um...Tina...that countdown is a bit disturbing. I dont like to think that is what they look like at first.