Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Latest Project

After getting so many comments of Maddie's 1st day of school outfit. I thought I'd take the plunge and make some more to sell on ebay. After spending a few days browsing and watching ebay sales I decided I'd make some holidays outfits too.
Gobble...Gobble... Maddie absolutely loves posing for pictures. She is very photogenic. This was the last outfit she wore for picts and she was getting a little carried away with the head thing.
This outfit is a 24mo. and a friend let me borrow her daughter for this mini photo shoot.

This outfit and Maddies are identical just different sizes.

I had some left over lady bug fabric that I thought would be cute. This outfit was the 1st one I did when I started this little project. It was not my favorite. Seeing it on Maddie however I think it looks pretty good.

This is Maddie's favorite. She's hoping it doesn't sell so she can keep it.
Isn't she just to cute! Those are little ladybugs walking up the pants.

This is another Thanksgiving outfit. After looking at the photos we realized the rock she's leaning against is a little dark and you can't see the dark maroon fabric that is the lower layer underneath the striped fabric.

I haven't posted this outfit yet. I want to get another picture so you can see the pants more clearly along with the shirt. In every picture her arms were folded or the shirt was creased so you can't see the 3rd square very well.

This is my one and only halloween outfit for the time being. Emily is always a pain when it comes to taking pictures. She is so not photogenic like her sister. Maddie must have gotten all the photo genes from us and there were none left for little sis.
This outfit is also a 24mo. but as you can see is still a little big on her. She wasn't wearing shoes either at the time of these photos.
I do have another way way cute halloween outfit. The shirt is completely done, and one pant leg. One of my special feet to help me make pleats in the fabric broke. Leaving me with one pant leg needing to be done. Hopefully this weekend I can either get it fixed or repaired to finish my oh so close to being done best outfit yet.
All of these outfits come with matching bows and matching belts for those pants with belt loops.
Now you can see why it's been so long since I posted last. I recently bought some Christmas fabric. Can you believe it's out already??? I'm anxious to get started on them.


Camille said...

cute! You really are going all out on your outfits! i don't know how you figured all that out!
Are they machine wash friendly? Like, do you think they wear well...
Anyway, I think they are cute, You are so talented!

Lisa said...

You amaze me!!!! I hope you do really well selling thses!!