Thursday, November 08, 2007

Letter "H"

Preschool was at our house this week. On tuesday we talked about communication. How we need to learn manners and talk to each other nicely. Since we can all talk there is no need to yell or hit or kick our friends. We can communicate with each other by using our words instead. One of the projects was coloring our paper doll holding hands with 2 of our friends. I also had the kids trace their own hands and then decorated them with pom pom's because hands begin with the letter "H".
Today the kids traced the letter "H". Then I gave each a hat with foam letters. They all spelled their name out and glued it on the hat. Then they could choose a few fun foam animal/insect stickers to put around their name.
Making these hats turned into a bigger project then I had anticipated. In the end though I had 7 happy, smiling children who were proud of their new hats.
Even though the 2 1/2 hours seem to fly by I'm glad preschool is over for the week. I realized after looking at the calendar because of the up coming holidays I will not be teaching again until NEXT YEAR. The 2nd week in January 2008. I can't believe this year is so close to being over.


Camille C. said...

I read this with your mom while I was up for the weekend, but just realized I didn't leave a comment so you may think no one has seen it. :)
YOu are so creative with you class. I don't know that I could ever do Joy School. I used to think of myself as creative, but I just don't think like a kid anymore. YOu do the cutest things with them. Great job!