Thursday, April 22, 2010

Transformer Birthday Party

Hunter has been planning his Transformer Birthday Party for quite some time now. Saturday was abusy day for everyone as only 2 of his invited friends were able to make it. That didn't stop us from having some fun. We started off with a little WII while waiting for everyones arival.

Followed by a water balloon fight, Autobots vs. Decepticon's. It took me more then 30minutes to fill up 50+ water balloons and all of about 2 minutes for 5 children to defeat the Decepticon's with them. My finger soreness and soaked pants (since I used the hose outside to fill) was well worth the "that was the funnest thing ever" or how about "that was awsome" or even "this is the best pary ever" responses when the Decepticons had been defeated.

We then had a little scavenger hunt. The boys started off with a clue to find additional clues that eventually led them to the "Allspark". It took me an hour to come up with some cheesy rhyming poems that weren't too easy yet not to hard. I had a total of 5 clues. Next time I think I will double that. We've got some smart little boys!

The "Allspark" was soon found in the oven filled with birthday gifts.
Before opening the presents we chowed down on pizza.

We sang "Happy Birthday" and blew out "7" candles.

His Transformer Party was quite the success. Hunter's favorite part was finding the Allspark.
Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! For all the wonderful gifts from our friends.


Camille said...

love the cake, you always do such a great job!