Thursday, April 01, 2010

Maddie and T-Ball

I'm learning that T-Ball is a little different then Baseball. It is HILARIOUS to watch these little 4-5 year olds out on the field. This last practice the kiddo's were learning defense. The coach was hitting the ball and the kids were suppose to catch the ball and throw it to first. I know basicly nothing about baseball. I'm not sure how many players are suppose to be covering the bases/ outer field area. This paticular day there were 16 kids which probably explains some of the boredom... Instead of watching the ball there was a lot of "waching the grass grow."

Day dreaming.....

and picking at the grass. The children that were paying attention when the ball was hit they ALL ran after it. At one time 2 little boys started pushing each other around because they both thought they had the ball first. There's still a few kids that like to chase there own ball instead of running to 1st. There was one little girl who was on 2nd but decided to go after the ball that went rolling by. I wish I could capture these moments with camera.

Miss Maddie is loving her time to shine. She loves going to her pratices and wishes they were every day! At her last practice she was able to hit the ball without hitting the T.

She is definetly a girl. Runs like a girl, throws like a girl and catches like a girl (no diving for the ball here). It's hard not to giggle when seeing some of her cute characteristics while out on the field. We love you girl!


Natty said...

LOL! Love that you got pics of the other kids. That was our same experience with t-ball. So glad that she loves it!

AS Photography said...

Oh I love that picture of Josh. So typical. Those pictures of the other kids are priceless.