Friday, April 02, 2010

Hunter and Baseball

Kory grew up in a small town in Southern Ut. Growing up he played many sports. During highschool he did everything offered, basketball, track and baseball. He tells me there weren't too many kids to compete against during try-outs so generally if you showed up and wanted to play you got on the team.

I grew up in Vegas. During my highschool years I tried out for soccer 2x and volleyball once. I went to the pre practices and then the try-outs. I quickly realized I was up against other girls that had been playing for years. I still remember the excitement/ anxiousness I felt when the roster was posted on the gym door of who made the team. I also remember the disapointment and tears that were shed when my name wasn't on that piece of paper. I never did make the team.

Kory and I have had many discussions about putting the kids into sports this young. I want each of my children to have a chance to play whatever sport they choose. I want to give them the opportunity to play a season in basketball, baseball and soccer at least once. After a season they'll know if they like the game or not. If they don't want to play a paticular sport they won't have to but at least they can say they tried it. I don't know where we are going to be in 5-10 years. When we are at middle school/ junior high and highschool levels I don't know if we will still be living in Prescott Valley. We may be living in a bigger town or a smaller town. Where ever we may be I want my kids to have the experience and knowledge of how the game is played. My child doesn't need to be "the best player" but I want them to have the chance to make it the team.

This past summer I gave Hunter the option of picking which sport he would like to play in the upcoming year. He chose Baseball. Maddie hearing that Hunter was going to play baseball also chose this sport. Due to their ages Hunter is in the Farmer's Baseball Division while Maddie is in T-Ball. Hunter has had several practices now and it never fails to be on one of the coldest days during the week.
They started this practice off by splitting the team into several groups of 3/4. A volunteer dad would then throw a small whipple ball while the kids tried to hit it with a small piece of pipe. After playing several rounds of this Hunter was able to hit most of the balls.

They soon went from the whipple ball to the actual field with a real ball, real bat and real bases.

After they hit the ball they ran the bases and then had a turn in the outfield. While in the outfield they were suppose to catch the ball, throw it to another team member who would then throw the ball to home. While at Hunter's 1st position he didn't see a lot of action and became a little bored.
His favorite position was in between 1st and 2nd base. He had ample opportunities to chase the ball.

He is loving his time out on the field. He's loving baseball. He's quick to say he hopes baseball never ends, he always wants to play.