Sunday, April 11, 2010

Twighlight Party

My best friend, April, celebrated a birthday this past week. To celebrate I rented New Moon, made some goodies and invited a few other mommies over for a girl's night out. I tried to keep with a red/white/ black theme. I made a yummy fruit dip with red apples and strawberries. I thougth bloody mary's would fit in with the theme but opted for red hawaiian punch instead.

I also printed out quotes from the movie and put into matching black frames.

My favorite part was the cake. My cakes never turn out as I imagine them in my head but I think this one turned out pretty good.

My chosen cake depicts the front of the book, New Moon by Stephenie Myer's.

I had a great time, I hope everyone else did too. Thanks to all who came to celebrate April's birthday. We had so much fun that before everyone left for the evening we decided we'd do this again in a few months when Eclipse is released. So until then my lady friends...


Camille said...

that is so cute. I love the way you decorated!

Cute Easter pictures too. I may have to steal a few off of here. I just got my camera last night from Travis/Christina. I'd left it in Hurricane. So I'll try to get mine up this week. don't know if I have any good ones.
BTW!- I talked to you on Thursday and I still didn't think about Hunters b-day until Saturday! So sorry. I'll get his card off this week! Tell him we still thought of him anyway! Carlaya's jealous that's he's 7 already....LOL

The Gubler Family said...

I love your site. Isn't modern technology wonderful. I sure wish we lived closer. I would love to come to your girls night out party.