Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We are approved

So after jumpimg a few more hurdles we are once again approved. I guess all that sress was worth it as our morgage payment is $100 less than what it would have been.

We moved this past Sat. into a friends house who is currently out of town until Sunday. Our water was turned on last week. When the water line was being backfilled the backhoe ran over the pipe and broke it. The water line is now fixed and running smoothly. The kids and I had to be at the house most of the day yesterday waiting for different workers to come by. It was so nice not having to go to Fry's for our potty breaks.

The electricty was turned on Monday but something was wrong with it. If the bedroom lights were on and I flipped the hall light on the other lights would either turn off or dim really low. This morning the electrician came and was able to fix the loose wire. We can now use our electricity. YEAH!!!

This morning the whole was dug for our propane tank. We hope to be able to use our stove the beginning of next week.

Monday the heat pump will be installed and then we will have a heater to use. In the morning and the evenings it is very cold inside the house. We open all doors and windows to get some warmth in there. It doesn't take to long to get the house at a comfortable temp. I'm definitely thankful for all the little things we use everyday.

Hopefully this weekend we can finish moving all of our stuff in and then maybe Monday night can be our first night in our new house.