Monday, June 01, 2009

Brayden's Big Day

Brayden was blessed this past sunday here in Prescott Valley. He is our 1st to be blessed here. The other kids we went home to have them blessed making it easier on both sides of the family not having to travel as far. We had more family members come then we had anticipated making it an even greater day then expected. This is Grandpa Heaton holding Emily.

The kids spent most of there time in the yard playing with cousins.

Grandpa pushing Emily on the swing.

We definetly had a house full.

Below is my brother Jonathan holding Brayden, Hunter, Jason and sister Sheri (Jason's her husband). This is my dad holding the 2 newest members of the family. Brayden and Jamie, who is my sister Sheri's little boy who was born 13 days after Brayden.
Can you imagine having twins?

This is my mother-in-law, Joy. She has made all of the blessing outfits for each of my children. She did an amazing job and recieved many compliments. We all think she should make them and sell them.

These 2 our Kory's sisters (Heather and Holly) who traveled up with mom and dad. Kory's brother also came for the day but I didn't get him in any picts.
It was a wonderful weekend with a lot of our family here. Now that everyone is gone it's a little bit of a let down. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did. Thankyou to those who traveled so far to help make this a special day.


Camille said...

I am so glad we were able to come!! I wish it hadn't been such an up and back trip! If we can get down there again, we'll definetly plan on staying a bit longer! :)