Monday, June 01, 2009

1st Day Of Swim Lessons

Today was the 1st day of swim lessons. My kids have never been in swim lessons so today was quite an adventure for them. Maddie had fun throwing the rings but wasn't to fond about retrieving them.

Hunter was a little bit more adventerous.

Hunter looks a little funny here. He doesn't like water going up his nose. Who does?

When the lessons were over they got to spend a little time playing around.

They had a great 1st day and our looking forward to going back tommorrow. I'm hoping that by the end of the season they will at least be able to get to the side of the pool by themselves if they needed to. Because neither or them had lessons before they were able to be in the same class at the same time.


Camille said...

at least they had fun! I bet they'll catch on and be great little first swimmers.

Janet said...

Wow, you are busy and the blessing outfit was so cute. We have seen Joy in the temple but didn't get a chance to say hello.