Thursday, March 08, 2007

Something not right.

Sunday morning Kory and I had an appt. with the Stake Presidency. I felt a little rushed as I was trying to get everything together (diaper bag, church bag, my lesson materials and the kids dressed with hair and teeth brushed) not knowing if we'd have time to come home before our church meetings started. I was the first one dressed and ready to go but I felt a little "off" but I couldn't pin point what it was. We went to our appt. had a little time left over so we went home for 20 min. and headed for church. I was still feeling "off". I didn't feel prepared to teach my lesson so I kept thinking my lesson was the cause of me not feeling right.

After church we had been invited to a friends for dinner and a game. We went home changed our clothes, baked the rolls and left once again. I really felt different, I didn't feel sick but just different, something wasn't right. When we got to our friends my right foot was aching so I kicked my shoes off. At 8:30 my friend picked up my shoes and asked "Tina are these your shoes?" Glancing at them I replied "Looks like mine." She started to laugh and said "Seriously these are yours, you were wearing 2 different pairs of shoes." I was mortified. It's hard to believe that almost the entire day I was wearing 2 different shoes and didn't realize it and the fact that NOBODY else noticed or they just didn't say anything.

It's no wonder before church I felt like I was going to loose a shoe while wearing nylons and after church my right foot felt so tight now wearing socks. It's obvious why I felt "off" the entire day.


Camille said...

WHAT!!? You are such a DORKO! I can't believe you didin't notice. I am sure somebody else had to of noticed and just didn't dare say anything. THe girls you were teaching in class didn't notice??? I can't believe that. You are too funny!