Thursday, March 08, 2007

Packing !

So the packing has begun. Packing with 3 small children at home has been quite the experience. They want to help so much. We are going to make a trip to Utah for a few days to install a job for Kory's parents. Being the trailor will be empty Kory hopes to move when we get back. This will have us moving Thursday March 22. This is in 14 days but we will be gone about 5 of these days. I'm feeling just a little STRESSED!!

I'm hoping to take each day at a time. The touch up painting should be completed today. Kory is going to have our employees come help at the house tommorrow. The goal is to have the rest of the flooring, baseboards and kitchen cabinets installed by moday so that carpet can be layed on Tuesday.(Then I can post our before and after picts.) New Beginnings will be over on Sunday. YIPEE!!! I'll have a few days to pack the house up. We'll head for Utah for a much needed break and then move the day after we get home leaving me a whole week to get our duplex clean.We can then start to enjoy living in our very own house. YEAH!!! I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Jonathan & Camille Family said...

Wow 14 days I am so exicted for you!! How funny that we both ended up getting our houses at the same time. We have to be out of here on the 25th so in about 17 days. We are yet to determine the move in date on the new we'll see what happens. But we are just starting to pack as well and how unfortunate Jonathan just started a job in caliente, NV (by my parents) and will be gone Mon-Thursday this week (he'll be home tonight) and then for the next couple of weeks! SO I am on my own to pack the house myself with two kids under my feet. So I totally feel for you!! WITH THREE!!!! Our new beginnings is on Wednesday, but Jonathan will be gone, I'll have to take the kids with me, they don't really need me anyway, so I may go to LIncoln to say with my parents and spend a little time with Jonathan. I might miss it all together which is a bummer because they are doing your Snow White theme. I am curious to see how it all lays out. Are you guys doing your Snow White theme too? THey better do it after all the work you put in to it. Well let me know how it goes. I just got your message on the phone. We've been out running errands all day and Visiting Teaching. I tried to call back but its busy. I"ll try again later.........ta ta. Camille