Friday, March 09, 2007

Working on the house.

We finally got a call back from our carpet installers. We are on the schedule for Wed. morning at 8:30. This house has been taking so long and now it seems to be going so fast. I love it. We are so close to being done.

This is our den. It's completely done. Yeah !!!! Meaning the touch-up paint, baseboard, flooring and outlet covers are finished. All thats left is a good sweeping. Someone said, "You are 1/9th of the way done." Being we have 9 rooms I guess he was right. I have a friend that is coming over and drawing pictures on the walls. What you see is going to be around the window and closet. On top of the door is a big flower in the middle of a vine. Everything was drawn today and tommorrow we will paint (the vines green, flowers and butterflies pink and red). Hopefully we will get it all painted. It shouldn't take to long but having 4 children to watch (keeping them out of the paint and out of the way of the men) we'll see how long it takes. I hope to be able to post picts of the newly painted murals tommorrow. Wish us luck!!


Jonathan & Camille Family said...

Almost there!! How exciting! I wish our situation was different and we'd be down there to help you guys out. Keep posting pics, we love to see how things are coming along. See ya!- camille