Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Unfinished Projects...

Now that I can see what I actually have in my closet I have stumbled across a few unfinished projects. So over the past few days I have been trying to complete some of these things. We currently have 11 sisters in our ward that are pregnant, all due between now and Sept. One of my friends gave birth 2 weeks ago and another had her baby the end of Dec. It's crazy to think we still have 11 more to go. So having been to a few baby showers already and several more to come I finished some hand made burp cloths. I was also able to finish this blanket with matching burp cloth. I love this blanket. If I were having a girl I think I'd keep it for myself.

Hunter's magnet board is another project that needed to be completed. Since I wasn't thinking and put the picts up backwards you get to see the finished project first. This isn't my favorite magnet board I've done but it's also my 1st board that had to include my 5yr. little boys opinion. He likes it so thats what counts.

Hunter can say he helped make it too. He was a great help with the modge podge, the painting and the hot glueing.

I let Hunter paint his dinosaurs all by himself. He did a pretty good job.

It's a great feeling to know a few projects have finally been completed. I still need to make a few nursing covers and one more blanket. I am trying to come up with some homemade gifts I can make using supplies I already have for some of the upcoming baby showers. It seems as though there will be quite a few baby girls joining us so yesterday I started making some hair bows. I've done about 10 and now I just need to glue them to a clip. Hopefully tommorrow those will be finished and I can take a pict of those. Theres a few that turned out soo cute. I'm ready to be finished with these projects so I can put everything away and get my house back together. It's such a hassle to put everything away just to pull it out again the next morning so everything gets put into a corner at dinner time.


Our Family said...

You're way too crafty. I wish that you lived closer to me so that you could show me how you do your magnet boards! They are really cute! Also, how in the world do you find the time to do these projects?

Becky said...

Go Tina! I wish I had time to do all that crafting! Good for you.

Camille said...

I love projects, but I too don't do them often enough. Once they are out, I work non-stop for days but once its all put away....months go by before I get the "mess" out again! :)
Love the blanket too! I Love love love little girls. No one I know is having one anytime soon. You and Sheri are having baby boy #'s 5 & 6- no girls in sight. I am tired of buying blue! ;)