Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monster Toes and Project #3

Tonights Dinner was some good ole' tasting monster toes and french fries.
I sliced the potatos while the kids took some of our Haloween cookie cutters to them.
We had homemade frenchfries in all different shapes, a moon, coffin, bat and spider. The monster toes were sliced pieces of chicken breast rolled in bread crumbs with a slice of red pepper and then baked
The kids claim tonights dinner as the best so far.
The dinners this week have been fun to do but very time consuming and I'm definetly going back to the "Halloween Dinner" once a week through the month of October next year.
I'm glad there enjoying all my hard work trying to make this week memorable for them.
I sure hope they remember these times when they're older.
After dinner tonight we did project #3. We ended up eating later than I had planned and so didn't have time to do our carmel apples. Instead I pulled out our games we will be using for Hunter's class party this week. We all helped put them together.
Some a little more than others. Brayden enjoyed his siblings sitting with there back towards him. Your never safe from him if your on the ground at his level. This baby boy of ours loves to tackle!

I think his big sisters and brothers love it just as much as he does.

After the stickers were all in place we played Pumpkin Bowling and Candy Corn Toss.
Hunter's class will definetly enjoy these games.
Thanks for your help my little ones!


The Gubler Family said...

You are such a cool mom. I love all of your creative ideas.