Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Meals

Why just do Halloween Dinners?
That's what my kids wanted to know.
So I suprised them the next morning with a "one eyed egg" breakfast.
Instead of doing the normal circle I used some of our Halloween cookie cutters. One night for dinner to go along with our main course we had Frankenstein join us.
This was the 1st time we've made these.
The kids loved it. I will have to do these again next year. I tried making little rice ghosts but.....didn't much look like ghosts. After a family vote we decided they were Fall Owls. Not quite Halloween but still fun and something different.

For Halloween night we had "Ghost Pie" aka Shephard's Pie.

Several mornings we also had pumpkin and ghost shaped pancakes but I must have forgotten to take pictures of them. What a crazy Halloween week we ended up having. Doing our traditional Halloween Dinners were fun but next year I am most definetly going back to the once a week Halloween Dinner.
Halloween is one of my most FAVORITE holidays.
I love the school parties, the dressing up, fun dinners, the outside decor. Especially come Halloween night I love the creepy looking houses with the strobe lights and fog.
I just love it all!
I'm a little sad that Halloween has come and gone already. However, I do love the holidays. I am ready to take down everything Halloweeny and put up our Fall/Thanksgiving decor.