Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elemantary School Projects

Over the past 10 days both Hunter and Madelyn have had to give an oral report of some kind. I am so done with reports right now. I feel like thats all we've done over the past couple of days. Anyway's Madelyns was yesterday. She had to pick a National Symbol and give a 2-4 minute oral report. Thank the heavens for internet and google. It didn't turn out as hard as I thought it would be. Her and I both sat at the computer and learned a little about the American Bald Eagle. She wanted to type up our notes that we took. After a few sentences she tired and I finished typing for her. I was very impressed with my little girl and her dedication she gave to this report.
She did an AWOSME job. After many practices at home she read her report very clearly and loud enough for all to hear. She did great! My grandma quilted this wall hanging many years ago for one of my brothers when they received their Eagle Award. We brought it to share with the class.

Over the last 2 weeks Hunter has had 2 different oral assignment too. The 1st was a Hero Project. He had to pick a hero and then complete the 5 W's (where, what, when, why, who). He had to compile all of his research and then he made his and mine very 1st power point presentation (aparenlty being 7 and in 2nd grade isn't too young to learn how to do this) to share with his class. The Hero he picked was his Uncle Travis who served for 18 months in Iraq. Since his Uncle Travis lives with Grandma too we asked him to dress up in his army fatigue and be present during his presentation. After Hunter was done with his presentation the teacher let the kids ask questions. Although it seems there weren't too many questions as the kids repeated the same question over and over or they would make a statement like, "I've shot a gun before or hey I have a dog tag too or even my uncle is in the army too." Uncle Travis did a great job responding to a class full of 7 year olds. Hunter did a great job doing his presentation too. I'm just sorry I forgot the camera to capture his moment.

Hunter's 2nd grade class has something called "Show and Teach" not show and tell. Hunter has been assigned one friday every month to teach his class something. This past friday Hunter picked his show and teach to be about eggs. He did 3 different science projects in front of the class to teach them.
#1- What happens to a hard boiled egg that has been sitting in a mason jar full of Vinegar for a week?
Answer: The vinegar disolves the egg shell and membrane. The egg is now rubbery and can bounce similar to a bouncy ball a few inches off the table. If you threw it across the room it would break. So don't try that!

#2- How many books will it take to break 4 empty egg shells?
Hunter gently cracked the egg vertically (not the normal way). He emptied the egg and using a pair of scissors trimmed the shell so that it would sit evenly on the table. He did this with 4 eggs and then evenly spaced them so that they would be near the corners of the book. At school he was able to get 4- 3inch hard bound dictionaries on top of the egg shells before he heard the 1st crack. Dictionary #5 squashed the egg shells. When we read about this on the net there is a grandma who has been able to get 30+ books before the 1st crack.

#3- Spin the egg, this was more of a magic trick. Hunter asked for a volunteer to try to spin a egg. While his volunteer is desperatley trying to get his egg to spin Hunter is making his egg spin with ease. What is wrong with the Volunteer? Why can't he spin his egg? How hard is it to spin an egg? Come on!
The trick is that Hunter's egg is hard boiled and the volunteers is raw. A raw egg won't spin becuase of the momentum of the raw egg sloshing around inside. The hard boiled egg is solid inside and will therefore spin.

I wasn't able to be there for his show and teach and so didn't get any pictures. Hunter tells me everyone loved his show and teach this month. His teacher even commented on how well he did. This month's show and teach was definetly a success. Until next month...
I hope it's a little while before the next report.