Monday, November 01, 2010

School Parties

I found another picture of a Spider Web hairdo I did on Maddie but never blogged about.

She loved this one.What's a web without spiders? I personally think we over did it with the spiders but it wasn't my hair and I did what I was asked. So the spiders she had!
Emily had her Halloween Party during preschool thursday morning.
She was dressed as a Care Bear ans seriously 2 minutes before we were to leave she got mad at me for something and refused to wear a costume. This girl is stubborn! I'm afraid of what we have enstore when she's a teenager.

After spending several minutes explaining to her that she would be the ONLY one not dressed up. That every friend of hers and her teacher would have a costume on she decided whe wanted to be Tinkerbell.
And so we quickly created a Tinkerbell costume. Not one of her pictures has her eyes open.
Oh well!
I was not very good about taking my kids pictures while in their costumes this year.
Maddie was Wonder Woman with using a borrowed costume this year.
She loved it.

Hunter could have been a Ninja or a Pirate. He had an AWSOME fully loaded costume for both. But nope he didn't want to be those. He wanted to be the hand me down spider that could have really used a face lift. But.... deciding to be the spider the morning of his class party not much could be done.
It must not have been as bad as I thought it was as he received so many compliments on it. Or maybe it was becuase he was one of the few with a homemade costume.

I am Hunter's room mom this year. We had a great party. Lots of games, cupcakes to decorate and getting everyones costumes in place for the school parade.


Sara said...

I saw those Halloween hairdos but didn't even attempt that one. You are so talented! Cute costumes.

The Gubler Family said...

Where in the world do you get all your cute ideas! I love all the costumes, hairdoo's, and creative foods.