Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Yesterday Maddie brought home something a little different for her homework.
Meet Tom the turkey. The homework assignment was to disguise dear Tom so that he would escape Thanksgiving dinner. To Maddie this was not a homework assignment but a "project" just waiting to happen. Around this house one child can not do a project without everyone else joining in also. So we made a few copies of dear old Tom.
I must say Hunter had a clever idea. Being Halloween was just last week he decided to do a halloween costume for Tom. He was going to curl short pieces of black pipe cleaners and attach them to the eye lid but in the end changed his mind. Instead he added fuzzy's.

Emily was was apparently going after the "starry eyed" turkey.

Maddie was very proud of her final project. Have you read the books Pinkalicious, Purplicious or even Goldilicous? I didn't have all pink, all purple or all gold fabric so she chose red instead.
And so this is how Redilicous came to be.

If you couldn't tell, she "love it". She did a great job and really did most of it by herself. She just needed me sitting next to her agreeing with her ideas.
Good Job Madelyn!


Camille said...

cute idea. I love those books. Carlaya has 2 of them