Thursday, October 14, 2010

Conference Weekend

A few weeks ago we had the opportuntiy to watch General Conference. During one of the talks I didn't notice that my 1 year old had gone MIA. In our pantry is were I keep a 25lb bag of flour, 25lb bag of sugar and a 25lb bag of powder sugar. All of these bags once opened do NOT seal close again. To keep them shut I use a clippie which USUALLY works well. But not when I have a 1 year old.
Little stinker here wasn't discovered until he came giggling out of the pantry to throw white powder at his parents who were sitting on the couch. He had white powder ALL over including himself.

Making messes is hard work. I found him fast asleep on grandma's rocking chair.

Elena (my niece) and Brayden are becoming the best of friends. We often find them giveing each other "loves".
However, sometimes my little man can be a litle over powering.


Sara said...

So nice to see someone else's 1-year-old into everything. Some days Soran is lucky to be alive at the end of the day. Her favorite thing to do is get into the spice cabinet and dump them onto the floor and mix them together. Gotta love 'em.