Monday, October 25, 2010

Project Week

One of the blogs that I enjoy following, the mom along with all her followers dedicated last week "Week of Projects with your kids" week. Every day these moms did something "projecty" with their kids. They didn't do all the same things, it was left up to each mom to come up with something for there own family. I loved the idea. Last week being our Fabulous Friday I was a little busy preparing for that so I planned our "project week" for this upcoming week. My kids are so excited knowing they get to do a project with mom every day this week. I wanted to document our progress so I'll be better prepared next time I want to do something like this. Yesterday we started off...

Our 1st project of the week was making a "Cookie in a jar" for there school teachers.
I pulled out some Halloween scrapbook paper and stickers and let the kids get creative. When the decorating was done the kids followed the recipe and put all the dry ingredients into the jars.
The finished project!
Good job! You guys did great.

Despite their looks they really did have a good time. They were so excited to get to school this morning to give it to their teachers.
Don't they look like twins. Same facial expressions too!