Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Do's

Last week I stumbled across another AWSOME mom that loves to create and do different hair do's for her daughter. We are really enjoying her Halloween Do's. Madelyn comes home from school wanting to look at "that other mom's blog" to see what new hair do she did that day. Maddie loves the stuff we put in her hair.

Monday we didn't have school so we didn't do anything fancy. However for Tuesday Maddie wanted to adorn her hair with creepy crawlies.

She loved her hair so much including the boys from school that we did her hair this way on Wednesday and Thursday too.

By Friday mommy talked her into doing something else. Being a little rushed for time we settled for a skeleton.

We've been doing Emily's hair right along with her big sisters. I just didn't take any pictures of her's I guess. We'll have to change that for this week. We are making some more fun bows today to go along with this coming weeks Halloween hair do's!
If you have a little girl and want to do something fun check this website out...