Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project #2

One of our families Halloween's traditions is for mom to make a fun Halloweeny meal once a week through the month of October. I decided to mix things up a little bit this year and instead of doing a meal once a week (which I've decided is much easier) I'd do one every night for about a week before Halloween.
For our 1st Haunting meal the kids and I made breadstick bones.
We had all sorts of shapes and sizes. We tried making a breadstick look like a severed finger/monster toe but those didn't turn out very well. They raised too much and ended up looking like an Easter Egg the kids decided.
OOPS! Wrong holiday.To go along with our Haunting Meal, I turned the mashed potato's into friendly green eyed ghost's.I LOVE the smiles and enjoyment I get from my kids over the simple things in life.
Once you get the creative side of the brain rolling it's easy to turn everday meals into a fun, festive, haunting meal. One that the whole family enjoys.
After dinner we continued with our 2nd project of our craft week.
We carved our pumpkins!
Madelyn earned a 100% on her spelling test last week and got a gift certificate to our local grocery store for one free pumpkin.
She was on cloud nine to be able to go to the grocery store by herself with me and to pick her very own pumpkin.
The kids glanced through our idea books, each picked a picture and then mom and dad helped the older 3 carve there pumpkins.Emily and Brayden seem to disapear lately when I remember to pull the camera out.
They really were participants with this activity too.
The final projects!
Hunter helped do the skeleton, Madelyn the scary jack-o-lantern and Emily the Ghost saying Boo!


Camille said...

Wow, it's beena while since I read your blog I guess. I haven't seen it since the Zion's outting. Sorry!
Cute pumpkins, I just posted ours too! I love pumpkin carving!

You are such a good mom to do so many crafts with your kids. I'm just glad mine get to do so many crafts at school because I rarely do them here.
Maddie & Emily's hair is always so stinkin' adorable. I wish carlaya would let me do any of them. She HATES to have her hair done. And she doesn't even have good hair anyway! LOL So stringy! Lately she has decided she does it herself. And that she does, unless church day or picture day. She does pretty good, but for the most part you can tell the 6 yr old does her own hair! LOL