Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mummy for Dinner

Last night for dinner I made a yummy "mummy" meatloaf.

Along with brittle finger tips dipped in ranch.
After dinner we were going to make carmel apples for our family project, but....
I had a very disobedient little boy who couldn't seem to listen or do what was asked and so
he got sent to bed early. Not wanting to be quite "that" mean I decided to wait on the project for another day. Maybe tommorrow....

My little man, Brayden seems to get hungry every night about 8:30. This little boy eats and eats and eats. He eats a good breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. I'm telling you though come 8:30 he eats more at that time then he does all day. Being he usually sleeps all night I don't mind to much. Last night was no different. He started whining and beating on the fridge for someone to come help him open it. Daddy came to the rescue, he pointed to the milk so Kory got the milk out and went to get a cup. When he turned around Brayden was pulling a box of cereal out of the cabinet. It wasn't a drink of milk he wanted but a bowl of cereal.

It was just a few minutes into his bowl of cereal that I realized his head wasnt bobbing to get the spoon into his mouth but becuase the poor kid was falling asleep.
Everytime the flash went off his eyes would open to just a slit and you could see his eyes rolling back into his head. Way "Creeepy"!
I wish I could have gotten it on video cause it was HILARIOUS to watch him bob and sway.
Being he sits at the table in a normal chair I didn't feel like I could let him bob to much or he'd fall off. Needless to say his cereal didn't get finished but he still slept good!