Sunday, December 14, 2008

1st Dance Recital

Yesterday was Maddies 1st Dance Recital. Her 1st performance took place at Bucky's Casino in the lobby at 11am. She's pretty dramatic at home but while she danced it was even more evident. She had fun dancing for the crowd. After she performed her 3 little numbers everyone was invited to decorate gingerbread men provided by the casino.

When the gingerbread men were decorated we headed off to Pioneer Homes which is a Senior Citizen assisted living home. I had no idea how large this facility was. There were 3 floors and when the performance started I bet there was easily 100+ people watching. It was so much fun to watch our little girl perform. When it was all over she wanted to go someplace else and perform again. Performing 2 times in one day just wasn't enough. I am so glad she has had fun the past few months learning little dance routines. Dance is over until the end of January. I've been debating whether to put her in again or not. After yesterday I think the decision is made to do it again.


Camille said...

Carlaya is a totally ham at home, but in public she is super duper shy. She really wants to be in dance again but last time she got more shy the more classes we went to and I ended up not going to the last 2 of them because she was just too ridiculous.
I can't believe Maddie is just eating up the attention. That is too funny! Good for her!