Monday, April 11, 2011

April Fools 2011

April Fools this year landed on a Friday which was a work day for me. Knowing I was going to be gone most of the day I tried to pick some easy tricks to play on my family. At breakfast I went to get my camera to discover it was gone. I couldn't find it anywhere! Later that day Kory told me he had taken it to work with him to take a picture of what he works with. He's wanted to be able to show us how big these loaders are. During the night he drives all 3 of these machines. If you look close enough you can see our little 4 door car parked in front of the biggest loader. Our car fits inside the buckett. Kory's not to pleased with how dark the picture is. In a few weeks when the snow and mud is gone he'll take another one that the kids can see a little better. So that I will remember what I did this year for April Fool's I borrowed picts from Family Fun to post. This way I'll remember what worked and what I need to do differently for next year.

To start off all 4 children woke up in a different bed. They thought it was funny that everyone switched beds in the middle of the night until I told them it was April Fools and I had done it. My older kids are getting HEAVY. I don't know if I'll be able to switch them again, unless I wake them up and walk them to a different bed.

When the kids went to get dressed they found there clothes had been switched to different drawers. Each bottom drawer had an I Love You note from Mom.

As I mentioned it was a work day for me. I used this to my advantage at breakfast. I was "in a hurry" so I poured everyones cereal into there bowls at the counter and then brought there bowl to them at the table where they could pour there own milk.

What they didn't know was that I had put 1 drop of food coloring in the bowl before covering it up with cereal. They poured there own milk which I didn't dye this year. It took a few spoonfuls but all of a sudden there milk turned a different color. After contemplating how mom "tricked" them AGAIN they figured I must have put food coloring under there cereal. It was great tricked that I'll have to do again next year.

There's a lot of fun dessert tricks out there on the work wide web. However there's not a lot of healthy dinner tricky ideas so I did something similar to last years dinner. Last year I made Shepards Pie with blue mashed potatos on top in a cup cake mold. This year I made Meat Loaf with blue mashed potatos on top in more cup cake molds. Knowing it was April Fools the kids didn't fall for it but it was still fun. After our "dessert" I brought out our dinner.This was a new one for us this year. Vanilla ice cream with carmel sauce (mashed potatos), laffy taffy (vegetables) Thanks Hanna for helping me with this part and wafer cookies frosted and dipped in crushed honey bunches of oats (chicken nuggets). The kids new that what they saw wasn't really what it was going to be. Until they took a bite they couldn't tell me what food they were eating.
We had some great meals together.

Madelyn desperately wanted to play a trick on her friends and teacher. At the last minute this is what we came up with also from Family Fun.

We took a big blue flowered button, threaded a blue pipe cleaner and wrapped it around her finger to look like a ring. Under the pipe cleaner on her palm side was a very small piece of wet sponge. When she shook hands the other persons hand would come away wet.

Madelyn thought this was HILARIOUS.

Thanks to Family Fun our April Fool's Day was a success.

What will we come up with next year?