Monday, April 25, 2011

Annual Kite Festival

Last Saturday, St. George held it's annual Kite Festival. A friend and I both being husband-less for the day decided to take the kids by ourselves. In the beginning of the year the schools handed out reading charts to each of the kids. If they brought there paper's filled out to the kite festival they were each given a free kite that they got to choose. After the kids picked there free kites we went straight to the *free* area. We fished ducks,

threw darts at balloons we also

kicked soccer balls into the net, bowled, ring tossed and dug prizes out of the saw dust pool.

Brayden and Emily's favorite part was the train ride.

We got free balloons and wind mills. Maddie got to sit on Cinderella's lap for a picture. Unfortunately she lost the slip of paper that told us where to go online to claim her FREE picure.

There was also a fire truck that the kiddo's got to look at up close and personal.

We were able to park at a nearby dirt lot and get bused to and from the park.

My kids have NEVER ridden the bus and thought it was great part of our day.

Hopefully next year our dad can join us.