Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Christensen Family Pictures

This past weekend with everyone home we had family pictures taken.

This is the Christensen Clan.

Mom &Dad, My siblings w/spouses, siblings without spouses and all the grandkids.

Thats 12 adults and 9 kids.L- Kory and I with our kids, brother Jonathan and Camille with there 3 kids, brother Matt, Dad and Mom, sister Hanna, brother Travis and Christina with Elena, sister Sheri and Jason with Jamie.
Here's our goofy pict. Everyone wearing a pair of sunglasses except for MY 2 year old who REFUSED!

I love this picture because it's so not normal. You can't see up close and personal but I love that each sibling with their own family is on there own rock but still a big family picture.

Just something different!

Grandma and Grandpa with all 9 grandkids.

Back Row: Noah and Madelyn

Next Row: Hunter and Elena

Grandma and Grandpa

Front Row: Carlaya, Mya,Brayden, Emily and Jamie

Grandkids by themselves.

A sibling picture.

Tina, Hanna, Sheri, Mom, Dad, Travis, Matt, Jonathan

My sweet family.

I love how Madelyn has her arms wrapped around her brother and sister.


katielyn said...

All your kids look so big and different from when I saw them 18 months ago- but not Emily! She looks totally the same, just taller!