Friday, April 15, 2011

Hunter's 8th Birthday

This past weekend this little man turned 8. He was so excited! He didn't want to wait until after lunch to open his gifts when our dad usually gets up. So we woke up our dad for a few minutes before breakfast to let the festivities begin.For weeks Hunter's been asking for a skate board.

He has wanted one so badly that he wanted to give me his $4 to put towards the skateboard. What he didn't know was that we had one already hidden in the trunk of daddy's car. Besides the skateboard we gave him 2 Nerf guns, a new football and a few books. Turning 8 also starts a new chapter in our lives. Scouts! After lunch we took him to the scout store and bought his scout shirt and belt. Oops! It's sideways. Hunter on his new favorite toy. Unfortunately, his birthday was a wet, cold, rainy day. He didn't get much use of it on his special day but has since made up for it. For breakfast we had our traditional stacked pancakes. Yep! There's 8 of them with 8 candles.
Earlier in the week Hunter recieved a free ice cream cone coupon from Dairy Queen.

He and his dad got to redeem it together.
In a few weeks Hunter is going to be having a birthday party with friends. Not wanting to fix 2 cakes we left it up to him what he wanted for dessert. He could have had cupcakes, brownies, pie, etc. But in the end all he wanted was a dish of carmel that we could cut into squares.
So I put 8 candles into his carmel and let him make his wish.

Happy Birthday kiddo.