Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter morning the kiddo's woke up to find their Easter Basketts filled with Goodie's. The Easter Bunny brought some neccesties this year. Last week Hunter came to me in his underware and complained that they must be shrinking cause they're getting too tight. I told him I'd start looking into getting him some new ones but I really didn't think too much of it. The next day just happened to be my laundry day. While folding clothes I was reminded of his complaints and thought to look at what size his current undies were so that I'd make sure I'd get the right size. I was appalled to see the majority of the sizes were 3/4. He had 3 pairs that were 5/6. Seriously! He's 8 now! No wonder they were filling a LITTLE tight. He was thrilled to see the new underware, a book, a package of sport silly bands and some treats. After the undie issue with Hunter I inspected Madelyn's panties. I had forgotten that just a few months ago I had found a large package of panties for her on clearance and had given them to her. I was pleased to see they were a size 6/7. Since she didn't need any more panties the Easter Bunny brought her some new church socks, a book, girly silly bands and some treats too.
Brayden got a book about one of his favorite songs he likes to sing, 5 Little Speckled Frogs and a few treats. Once he discovered there was candy in those eggs there was no stopping him!

Emily also recieved a new package of church socks, a book, some treats and her very own package of silly bands. Now she doesn't have to rely on her big brother and sister to share theres with her.

Before we got ready for church we had the kids line up on the back porch for a big easter egg hunt with each other.

On your mark.... get set.... go!

Madelyn and Emily

Mommy helping Brayden.

Once he discovered there was more candy in those eggs he didn't want to go search for more. He'd find and egg, open it, eat it and then go searching for more.


This was Hunter's favorite egg he found. High up in the Apricot tree.

Uncle Matt tried to help Brayden stay on task by finding the eggs first and then eating what was inside.

My brother Jonathan and his baby girl Mya.

Sister in law Christina helping Elena fill her baskett.

Madelyn with cousin Carlaya.

Cousin Noah.

Another egg for Madelyn!

A baskett full!

After the egg hunt the kids spent some time playing outside together. There's just a little weight difference between these boys. Cousin Noah was helping them on the teeter-totter.

And of course the slide.

Matt reported his mission at church on suday. Since we had a lot of family come to this big event we only attended Sacrament Meeting so that we could feed everyone and allow them to get back on the road again. Jamie walked in from church with us downstairs. When I got inside I went immediately to change my clothes so I could help get dinner on. When I came out a few minutes later I found Brayden sharing his treats with his cousin.

It's no wonder neither one of them ate there dinner.

We had such a good weekend with all our family in town. Everyone came home and it was great visiting with one another. Now that everyone's gone the house is much quiter but I miss em' already.